Introduction to Microelectronics

Course Description

Original Course Name: EE40 - Introduction to Microelectronics.

Introduction to Microelectronics
UC Berkeley Prof. Josh Hug in Lecture 8: Capacitors and Inductors, Node Voltage with Capacitors and Inductors, and Setting Up and Solving ODEs.
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

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# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction, Ohm's Law and Sign Conventions Play Video
2 Kirchoff's Laws, Voltage and Current Divider, and Node Voltage Method Play Video
3 Node Voltage continued, Superposition, Transformation Theorems, Simulation, and Strain Gauge Play Video
4 More Node Voltage and Thevenin Equivalents, and Intro to Op-Amps Play Video
5 Introduction to Op-Amps Play Video
6 Introduction to Op-Amps (Cont.) Play Video
7 Op-amps in Saturation and with Positive Feedback, and MyDaq Play Video
8 Capacitors and Inductors, Node Voltage with Capacitors and Inductors, and Setting Up and Solving ODEs Play Video
9 DE Review, Solving RC and RL Circuits Play Video
10 LC, RLC Circuits, and Introduction to Phasors and Impedance Play Video
11 Phasors, Impedance,Transfer Functions, Filters, and Bode Plots Play Video
12 Transfer Functions, Filters and Bode Plots Play Video
13 Bode Plot Example, Intro to Integrated Circuits and Digital Logic (Part I) Play Video
14 Power, Intro to Integrated Circuits and Digital Logic (Part II) Play Video
15 Introduction to Simple Analysis of the MOSFET 3 Terminal Device Play Video
16 Power in Digital Circuits, CMOS and Introduction to Diodes Play Video
17 Tradeoffs in Digital Circuits (Power, Speed, Cost) and Diodes Play Video
18 Intro to Semiconductor Physics, PN Junctions and Chip Manufacturing Play Video
19 Overview of Course, Power, Speed and Efficiency Play Video


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razavi wrote 10 years ago.
please send me video lectures on microelectronic.

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