iOS Development with Swift by TheNewBoston

Course Description

In this 40-episode tutorial series, you will learn the basics of getting started developing iOS (iPhone, iPod, and iPad) apps using Apple's Swift programming language. It covers the basic logistic implications of developing apps for the Apple platform, including registration and getting your project started, installing required programs like XCode, and basic programming skills using Swift. The series ends with various practical examples putting all you've learned to good use, and getting you started creating your very first iOS app.

iOS Development with Swift by TheNewBoston
The Swift programming language, developed by Apple, and its various features are displayed at a Keynote Developer's conference
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials:

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Apple Developer Registration Play Video
2 iOS Developer Program Play Video
3 Installing Xcode 6 Play Video
4 Setting Up a New Project Play Video
5 Quick Tour of the Interface Play Video
6 Creating a Simple Design Play Video
7 Adding Home Screen App Icons Play Video
8 User Interaction Play Video
9 Button Clicking Example Play Video
10 Layout Constraints Play Video
11 Pin Tool Play Video
12 Adding a Background Image Play Video
13 Designing the Log In Screen Play Video
14 Hide Keyboard and First Responder Play Video
15 Sliders Play Video
16 Segmented Control Play Video
17 Multiple Views or Screens Play Video
18 Adding Brains to the View Play Video
19 Storyboards and Scenes Play Video
20 Table Views Play Video
21 Populating a Table from a Data Source Play Video
22 Grouped Table Views Play Video
23 Drawing with Core Graphics Play Video
24 Drawing Basic Shapes Play Video
25 Foreheads Make Me Nervous Play Video
26 Drawing Images and Photos Play Video
27 Core Animation Play Video
28 UIKit Dynamics Play Video
29 Gravity Play Video
30 Collision Detection Play Video
31 Introduction to Sprite Kit Play Video
32 Games Welcome Screen Play Video
33 Transitioning to a New Scene Play Video
34 Adding the Main Character Play Video
35 Building the Animation Play Video
36 Playing the Animation Play Video
37 Creating the Bullet Play Video
38 Firing the Bullet Play Video
39 Creating the Ball Node Play Video
40 Shooting the Falling Balls Play Video


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