Java for Complete Beginners

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A guide to Java programming for beginners. Get complete courses at

Java for Complete Beginners
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

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# Lecture Play Lecture
1 A Hello World Program Play Video
2 Using Variables Play Video
3 Strings (Working with text) Play Video
4 While Loops Play Video
5 For Loops Play Video
6 If Play Video
7 Getting User Input Play Video
8 Do ... While Loops Play Video
9 Switch Play Video
10 Arrays Play Video
11 Arrays of Strings Play Video
12 Multi-dimensional Arrays Play Video
13 Classes and Objects Play Video
14 Methods Play Video
15 Getters and Return Values Play Video
16 Method Parameters Play Video
17 Setters and 'this' Play Video
18 Constructors Play Video
19 Static (and Final) Play Video
20 StringBuilder and String Formatting Play Video
21 toString() and the Object class Play Video
22 Inheritance Play Video
23 Interfaces Play Video
24 Packages Play Video
25 Public, Private and Protected Play Video
26 Polymorphism Play Video
27 Encapsulation and the API Docs Play Video
28 Casting Numerical Values Play Video
29 Upcasting and Downcasting Play Video
30 Using Generics Play Video
31 Generics and Wildcards Play Video
32 Anonymous Classes Play Video
33 Reading Text Files Play Video
34 Handling Exceptions Play Video
35 Throwing Exceptions Play Video
36 Multiple Exceptions Play Video
37 Runtime Exceptions Play Video
38 Abstract Classes Play Video
39 Reading Files with FileReader Play Video
40 Java 7 Try With Resources Play Video
41 Writing Text Files Play Video
42 Equals Play Video
43 Inner Classes Play Video
44 Enum Play Video
45 Recursion Play Video
46 Serialization Play Video
47 Serializing Multiple Objects Play Video


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