JavaScript Ninja Tutorials for Beginners

Course Description

Go from zero to ninjas in this JavaScript for Beginners complete tutorial playlist. In this playlist we'll start with the basics - what is JavaScript, how do we use it, variables, arrays and control flow. Then we'll crank it up a notch and talk about slightly more advanced JavaScript topics such as Objects and Event handling. Finally we'll look at a few JS Libraries and where to look next to further your study!

JavaScript Ninja Tutorials for Beginners
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction Play Video
2 avaScript? Play Video
3 Hello World! in JavaScript Play Video
4 Where to put your JS Play Video
5 Google Chrome Developer Tools Play Video
6 Basic JavaScript Syntax & Rules Play Video
7 JavaScript Variables Play Video
8 Basic Mathematical Operators Play Video
9 Math Operator Short-hand Play Video
10 Logging to the Console Play Video
11 Booleans in JavaScript Play Video
12 If Statements Play Video
13 Else If Statements Play Video
14 Comparison Operators Play Video
15 Logical Operators Play Video
16 While Loops Play Video
17 For Loops Play Video
18 Break & Continue Play Video
19 Practical Example using Loops Play Video
20 Functions Play Video
21 Variable Scope Play Video
22 Numbers Play Video
23 (Not a Number) Play Video
24 Strings Play Video
25 Slice and Split Strings Play Video
26 Arrays Play Video
27 Introduction to Objects Play Video
28 Creating a new JavaScript Object Play Video
29 THIS Keyword Play Video
30 Constructor Functions Play Video
31 The Date Object Play Video
32 What is the DOM in JavaScript? Play Video
33 Traversing the DOM Play Video
34 Changing Page Content Play Video
35 Changing Element Attributes Play Video
36 Changing CSS Styles Play Video
37 Adding Elements to the DOM Play Video
38 Removing Elements from the DOM Play Video
39 - Introduction to JavaScript Events Play Video
40 The onClick Event Play Video
41 Window onLoad Event Play Video
42 JavaScript Timers Play Video
43 Accessing Form Elements Play Video
44 VERY Simple Form Validation Play Video
45 JavaScript Libraries Play Video
46 What to Study Next Play Video


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