Junior Chemistry with Chemguy

Course Description

In this course, Rob Lederer (Chemguy) gives an introduction to General Chemistry for Junior High School. Topics included in these lectures are: Compounds, Stoichiometry, Gases, Solutions, Balancing, Chemical Bonding, the Mole and many more.

Perfect for junior high school students being introduced to Chemistry, Chemguy provides us with great and easy-to-follow lessons, all made possible thanks to his great enthusiasm, passion for the subject and sense of humor.

Junior Chemistry with Chemguy
Chemguy in his third lecture: Compounds I.
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
I. Periodic Table
1 Periodic Table I: An Overview (8:18) Play Video
2 Periodic Table II: Subatomic Particles and Isotopes (4:35) Play Video
II. Compounds
3 Compounds I: Ionic Compounds (5:24) Play Video
4 Compounds II: Polyatomic Species (4:44) Play Video
5 Compounds III: Non-metals (5:09) Play Video
6 Compounds IV: Acid Nomenclature (2:52) Play Video
III. Chemical Bonding
7 Chemical Bonding I: Electronegativity and Polarity (5:16) Play Video
8 Chemical Bonding II: Lewis Electron Dot Diagrams (4:45) Play Video
9 Chemical Bonding III: Molecular Shapes (4:17) Play Video
10 Chemical Bonding IV: Intermolecular Bonding (3:24) Play Video
IV. The Mole
11 The Mole I: Avogadro's Number (7:52) Play Video
12 The Mole II: Molar Mass Calculation (5:52) Play Video
13 The Mole III: Mass to Moles & Mass to Atoms (6:13) Play Video
V. Balancing
14 Balancing I: Balancing Composition Reactions (5:42) Play Video
15 Balancing II: Hydrocarbon Combustion Reaction (3:12) Play Video
16 Balancing III: Single Replacement Reactions (4:44) Play Video
17 Balancing IV: Double Replacement Reactions (5:47) Play Video
VI. Stoichiometry
18 Stoichiometry I: Word Problems Play Video
19 Stoichiometry II: Finding Mass of Product (4:59) Play Video
20 Stoichiometry III: Limiting Reagent (6:22) Play Video
VII. Solutions
21 Solutions I: Solution Properties (4:44) Play Video
22 Solutions II: Factors Affecting Solubility (5:50) Play Video
23 Solutions III: Equilibrium in a Saturated Solution (2:10) Play Video
24 Solutions IV: Calculating Molarity (4:35) Play Video
25 Solutions V: Dilution Calculations (5:20) Play Video
26 Solutions VI: Dissociation Stoichiometry (4:04) Play Video
27 Solutions VII: Net Ionic Equations (3:06) Play Video
28 Solutions VIII: Titration Apparatus (3:15) Play Video
VIII. Gases
29 Gases I: atm, kPa and torr (3:21) Play Video
30 Gases II: Boyles' Law (4:25) Play Video
31 Gases III: Charles' Law (5:28) Play Video
32 Gases IV: Ideal Gas Law (7:05) Play Video


Displaying 5 comments:

Agnes wrote 3 years ago.
This video teach us a lot about molarity.

michael wrote 5 years ago.
thats right my lesson is all about balancing reaction

Belynda wrote 5 years ago.
Amazing for kids but also for those of us just becoming
teachers. What a way to refresh and review and absorb some
of your excitement for Chemistry!!! Love it!

Lori LaRonde wrote 5 years ago.
So glad we found you! My daughter loved your videos and she
said to tell you, thanks to you, she now understands Mole
concept. Bless you, Lori LaRonde

nadine wrote 6 years ago.
thx vary much :)

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