Materials Science

Course Description

LearnChemE features faculty prepared engineering education resources for students and instructors produced by the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder and funded by the National Science Foundation, Shell, and the Engineering Excellence Fund. In this course, LearnChemE covers topics such as Metal Density, Crystal Systems and Ceramic Structures, Stress-Strain Diagrams, Addition Polymerization, and much more.

Materials Science
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

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# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Atomic Bonding (005:50) Play Video
2 Packing Factor for a Body-Centered Cubic Structure (003:38) Play Video
3 Calculate Metal Density (006:04) Play Video
4 Radius of a Metal Atom and Metal Density (005:16) Play Video
5 Crystal Plane Miller Indices (004:45) Play Video
6 (111) Planes in FCC Metal (005:26) Play Video
7 Directions in Crystals (004:31) Play Video
8 Direction in a HCP Unit Cell (001:37) Play Video
9 XRD Peak Analysis (004:11) Play Video
10 Crystal Systems and Ceramic Structures (007:51) Play Video
11 Tetrahedral and Octahedral Sites (008:21) Play Video
12 Linear and Planar Densities (004:55) Play Video
13 Miller-Bravais Indices: Hexagonal Structure (003:47) Play Video
14 Hume-Rothery Rules (005:11) Play Video
15 Point Defects in Ceramics (003:55) Play Video
16 Vacancies in Metals (002:53) Play Video
17 Diffusion into a Solid (006:08) Play Video
18 Stress-Strain Diagrams (003:38) Play Video
19 Engineering Stress and Strain (007:17) Play Video
20 Elastic Properties of Metals (005:38) Play Video
21 Electrical Conductivity (005:10) Play Video
22 Polymer Molecular Weight (005:04) Play Video
23 Step-Growth Polymerization (003:10) Play Video
24 Addition Polymerization (005:20) Play Video
25 Pressure-Temperature Diagram (003:34) Play Video
26 Solid-Liquid Phase Diagrams (007:37) Play Video
27 Solid-Liquid Phase Diagram for Miscible Metals (004:39) Play Video
28 Cooling Curves for a Liquid-Solid System (005:53) Play Video
29 Lever Rule for Solid-Liquid Phase Diagram (007:19) Play Video
30 Non-Equilibrium Microstructures (007:31) Play Video
31 Phase Diagram with Peritectic Reaction (007:46) Play Video
32 Gibbs Phase Rule for Material Science (005:00) Play Video
33 Dislocations and Plastic Deformation (004:04) Play Video
34 Recrystallization (005:51) Play Video
35 Hydrogen Diffusion Through Palladium (003:48) Play Video
36 Rock Salt Structure (003:42) Play Video
37 Unit Cell Length for Iron Oxide (003:27) Play Video
38 Solid-Liquid Phase Diagram (004:58) Play Video
39 Txy Phase Diagrams for VLLE Tutorial (006:32) Play Video


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