Math 110: College Algebra

Course Description

In this course, UMKC's Professor Richard Delaware gives 40 video lectures on College Algebra, in association with UMKC's Video Based Supplemental Instruction Program.

Original Course Name: VSI College Algebra (Math 110) Video Course

- Reviews of the VSI College Algebra Videotapes
- Listing of the Videos and Their Contents

Brief History of this Video Course

In 1998, Richard Delaware spent 8 months recording a College Algebra course on video for the VSI (Video-based Supplemental Instruction) program at UMKC. "Supplemental Instruction" in this sense does not indicate a remedial course, and no content or conceptual richness has been sacrificed. College Algebra was the first mathematics VSI course to be recorded, but the VSI concept which has been in place at UMKC since 1992 has attracted national attention because of its success in 3 other video courses taken by students at UMKC and at 30 other institutions in Missouri.

Although video technology is commonplace, the pedagogy is fresh. Students view the tapes in the presence of a trained facilitator, and have control over the flow of information; lectures are stopped, started, and replayed as needed. When the facilitator pushes the stop button, as cued on the video, students have time to work problems, ask questions, make observations, resolve confusions, collect their thoughts, and more.

This VSI course has been offered since Fall 1998 off the UMKC campus to advanced students at rural high schools, and on the UMKC campus to students requiring more time and assistance to succeed in College Algebra.

The course was recorded in a UMKC video studio by the Multimedia Technology Services division of Instructional Technologies.

Math 110: College Algebra
UMKC's Professor Richard Delaware in Lecture 31: Exponential Functions.
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials:

# Lecture Play Lecture
I. Unit 0 - Basics: Remembrance of Things Past
1 Numbers Play Video
2 Language of Mathematics Play Video
3 The Powers That Be: Exponents Play Video
4 Polynomial Expressions (Part I) Play Video
5 Polynomial Expressions (Part II) Play Video
6 More Numbers and Geometry Play Video
II. Unit 1 - Graphs
7 Graphs (Part I) Play Video
8 Graphs (Part II) Play Video
9 Graphs (Part III) Play Video
III. Unit 2 - Functions and their Graphs
10 Functions and Their Graphs (Part I) Play Video
11 Functions and Their Graphs (Part II) Play Video
12 Functions and Their Graphs (Part III) Play Video
13 Functions and Their Graphs (Part IV) Play Video
14 Functions and Their Graphs (Part V) Play Video
15 Functions and Their Graphs (Part VI) Play Video
IV. Unit 3 - Equations & Inequalities
16 Equations in One Variable (Part I) Play Video
17 Equations in One Variable (Part II) Play Video
18 Equations in One Variable (Part III) Play Video
19 Equations in One Variable (Part IV) Play Video
20 Equations in One Variable (Part V) Play Video
21 Inequalities in One Variable (Part I) Play Video
22 Inequalities in One Variable (Part II) Play Video
V. Unit 4 - Polynomial & Rational Functions
23 Polynomial Functions (Part I) Play Video
24 Polynomial Functions (Part II) Play Video
25 Locating the Zeros of a Polynomial Function (Part I) Play Video
26 Locating the Zeros of a Polynomial Function (Part II) Play Video
27 Rational Functions Play Video
VI. Unit 5 - Exponential & Logarithmic Functions
28 Exponential Functions (Part I) Play Video
29 Logarithmic Functions (Part I) Play Video
30 Logarithmic Functions (Part II) Play Video
31 Exponential Functions (Part II) Play Video
VII. Unit 6 - Systems of Equations
32 Systems of Linear Equations (Part I) Play Video
33 Systems of Linear Equations (Part II) Play Video
34 System of Non-Linear Equations Play Video
VIII. Unit 7 - Some Discrete Topics
35 Sequences (Part I) Play Video
36 Sequences (Part II) Play Video
37 Series & Induction Play Video
38 The Binominal Theorem Play Video
IX. The X-Y Files: The Proof is in Here
39 The X-Y Files: The Proof is in Here Play Video


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haideressa wrote 7 years ago.
sir ، thank you ، you are a great math teacher،
I hope you have a good health ، have a nice day .
please UMKC more videa I want to learn math with prof

avik mitra wrote 10 years ago.
sir i want the binomial form and also exponential series
which are also use in infinite series

AJENDRA wrote 11 years ago.

Dave F wrote 11 years ago.
Probably the best educational resource on the entire web for
anyone interested in math. Not a single wasted second or
unwanted fluff.

This is definitely the starting point for anyone interested
in functional programming languages such as Haskell, Lisp,
Scheme, and so on.

Thanks to Prof. Delaware and UMKC.

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