Mechanics of Solids

Course Description

In this course, Professor M.S. Siva Kumar gives an introduction to the Mechanics of Solids. Some of the topics covered in these video lectures are: Equations of Equilibrium, Truss Systems, Beams, Coriolis Acceleration and many more.

The original name for this course is Civil - Mechanics of Solids. This course has 41 video lectures on Mechanics of Solids by Prof.M.S.Siva Kumar, Department of Applied Mechanics, I.I.T. Madras.

Mechanics of Solids
Prof. M.S. Siva Kumar on Lecture 1: Planar Rigid Body.
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Planar Rigid Body (11:41) Play Video
2 Degrees of Freedom (31:18) Play Video
3 Equations of Equilibrium (20:57) Play Video
5 Planar Rigid Body Statics Example 1 (35:01) Play Video
5 Planar Rigid Body Statics Example 1 (35:01) Play Video
6 Rigid Body Statics Example 2 (28:11) Play Video
7 Structural Systems with Rigid (18:38) Play Video
8 Types of 1-D Structural Elements (18:53) Play Video
9 Trusses: Axial members (10:05) Play Video
10 Analysis of Truss Systems (35:10) Play Video
11 Stability of Structural Systems (16:15) Play Video
12 Trusses: Additional Discussions (24:54) Play Video
13 Trusses: Method of Sections (16:17) Play Video
14 Beams: Example 1 (45:33) Play Video
16 Beams: BMD & SFD (45:41) Play Video
17 Beams: Loading, Shear and BM (20:49) Play Video
18 Virtual Work Method (29:23) Play Video
19 Virtual Displacements (22:33) Play Video
20 Finding Virtual Displacements (29:06) Play Video
21 Virtual Work Method: Example 1 (07:08) Play Video
22 Virtual Work Method: Example 2 (34:18) Play Video
23 Static Friction: An Understanding (22:18) Play Video
24 Belt Friction (22:45) Play Video
25 Friction: Solving Problems (26:13) Play Video
26 General Concepts: Rigid Bodies (09:54) Play Video
27 Motion of a Rigid Body: Translation and Rotation (09:01) Play Video
28 Motion of a Point of the Rigid Body (13:26) Play Video
29 Motion of One Point on a Rigid Body Relative (18:05) Play Video
30 Understanding Rotational Motion (14:10) Play Video
31 Kinematics Velocity and Acceleration (17:10) Play Video
32 Understanding Coriolis Acceleration (25:59) Play Video
33 Kinematics: Solving problems (11:06) Play Video
34 Equations of Motion of a Rigid Body (19:01) Play Video
35 Tips and Techniques I (20:24) Play Video
36 Tips and Techniques II (18:56) Play Video
37 Solving Problems I (14:05) Play Video
38 Solving Problems II (06:00) Play Video
39 Solving Problems III (5:42) Play Video
40 Solving Problems IV (5:34) Play Video
41 Engineering Statics: Solving Problems (22:28) Play Video


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