Medieval British History

Course Description

Formation of the medieval English state from its Anglo-Saxon beginnings to the 14th century, tracing the developments in central and local government, its politics, social structure and its interaction with the rest of the British Isles and the Continent. Taught by Asst. Prof. David E. Thornton.

Medieval British History
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

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# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Roman Britain I (48:53) Play Video
2 Roman Britain II (46:46) Play Video
3 The Vindolanda tablets (49:45) Play Video
4 Sub roman Britain, migrations and settlements (58:08) Play Video
5 Genetics & the Anglo saxon migrations (49:20) Play Video
6 Early Anglo saxon kingdoms (43:37) Play Video
7 The Staffordshine Hoard, Arthur & Wales (50:15) Play Video
8 Early Scotland and Anglo saxon conversion (47:53) Play Video
9 Pre viking Ireland olitical survey (50:44) Play Video
10 Early Christian Ireland & Cain Adomnain (51:00) Play Video
11 The Vikings (39:56) Play Video
12 Viking in Britain & Ireland (41:22) Play Video
13 The successors of Alfred The Great (47:34) Play Video
14 Welsh Genealogies (42:05) Play Video
15 Background to 1066 (:00) Play Video
16 Battle of Hastings & Bayeux Tapastry (1:01:24) Play Video
17 Williams I & II (37:14) Play Video
18 Henry I (12:34) Play Video
19 Norman Administration & Domesday Book (52:57) Play Video
20 Anarchy of Stephen's Reign & The Anglo Norman Invasion of Ireland (39:26) Play Video
21 Medieval Charters (24:27) Play Video
22 Charters cont'd & Wales (25:26) Play Video
23 King John & Magna Carta (55:45) Play Video
24 Essay Writing & Henry III's Minority (52:35) Play Video
25 Henry III & The Barons' Revolt (45:19) Play Video
26 Edward I (47:31) Play Video
27 Conclusion & Essay guidance (44:15) Play Video


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