MEMS & Microsystems

Course Description

In this course, Prof. Santiram Kal gives 32 video lectures on MEMS & Microsystems. Some of the Topics covered are: Microsensors, Micromachining Process, Surface and Quartz Micromachining, Inertial Sensors, Piezoresistive Accelerometer Technology and many more.

MEMS & Microsystems

Prof. Santiram Kalin Lecture 11: Micromachining Process.

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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction to MEMS & Microsystems Play Video
2 Introduction to Microsensors Play Video
3 Evaluation of MEMS, Microsensors & Market Survey Play Video
4 Application of MEMS Play Video
5 MEMS Materials Play Video
6 MEMS Materials' Properties (Part 1) Play Video
7 MEMS Materials' Properties (Part 2) Play Video
8 Microelectronic Technology for MEMS (Part 1) Play Video
9 Microelectronic Technology for MEMS (Part 2) Play Video
10 Micromachining Technology for MEMS Play Video
11 Micromachining Process Play Video
12 Etch Stop Techniques and Microstructure Play Video
13 Surface and Quartz Micromachining Play Video
14 Fabrication of Micromachined Microstructure Play Video
15 Microstereolithography Play Video
16 MEMS Microsensors Thermal Play Video
17 Micromachined Microsensors Mechanical Play Video
18 MEMS Pressure and Flow Sensor Play Video
19 Micromachined Flow Sensors Play Video
20 MEMS Inertial Sensors Play Video
21 Micromachined Microaccelerometers for MEMS Play Video
22 MEMS Accelerometers for Avionics Play Video
23 Temperature Drift and Damping Analysis Play Video
24 Piezoresistive Accelerometer Technology Play Video
25 MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer Play Video
26 MEMS Capacitive Accelerometer Process Play Video
27 MEMS Gyro Sensor Play Video
28 MEMS for Space Application Play Video
29 Polymer MEMS & Carbon Nano Tubes CNT Play Video
30 Wafer Bonding & Packaging of MEMS Play Video
31 Interface Electronics for MEMS Play Video
32 MEMS for Biomedical Applications (Bio-MEMS) Play Video


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kotireddy wrote 11 years ago.
this is good for who intersed about mems lectures since thre
is no certain suitable books in the market and limted member
have the idea aout mems.

anilarora wrote 12 years ago.
Very good series of lectures. Thanks a Lot.

Nguyen Tai wrote 12 years ago.
thanks for your lectures :)

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