MySQL Tutorial Series with Caleb

Course Description

This series is an introductory course to MySQL Database Programming. This is an awesome series that explains concepts in real life and shows examples on the computer. After this series you will have all of the skills that you need to start programming your own databases.

MySQL Tutorial Series with Caleb
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 What is MySQL Play Video
2 How Data is Organized and Normalization Play Video
3 Relationships Play Video
4 Keys Play Video
5 String Data Types Play Video
6 Numeric Data Types Play Video
7 Date and Time Data Types Play Video
8 Column Features and Extra Settings Play Video
9 Indexes Play Video
10 Quotes and Escaping Special Characters Play Video
11 How to Build a Database (MySQL in English) Play Video
12 Altering Data and More Advanced Queries (MySQL in English) Play Video
13 Joins (MySQL in English) Play Video
14 How to Install XAMPP and start Using PhpMyAdmin Play Video
15 How to Define Your Database Structure Play Video
16 Programming Our Database Play Video
17 Comments, Semi Colons, Deleting or Dropping Tables Play Video
18 How to add Columns and Drop (Delete) Columns in MySQL Play Video
19 How to Insert and Update Data in a Table Using SQL Play Video
20 How to use the Insert and Select Commands Play Video
21 How to use the Show Command Play Video
22 How to do Alter Commands Play Video
23 How to be Consistent with MySQL Play Video
24 How to use a Where Clause and Select Statements Play Video
25 How to use an Order by Clause Play Video
26 How to use a Limit Clause Play Video
27 How to Update Columns Play Video
28 How to Delete Data Play Video
29 Introduction to Character Sets and Collations Play Video
30 How to Set Character Sets and Collations Play Video
31 How to Search your Database using Like and Wildcards Play Video
32 Introduction to MySQL Storage Engines Play Video
33 How to Set and Alter Your Storage Engines Play Video
34 Comparison Operators Play Video
35 Foreign Key Constraints for the InnoDB Storage Engine Play Video
36 Introduction to Joins Play Video
37 Inner Joins Play Video
38 Left Joins Play Video
39 How to do an Inner Join and Useful Tips Play Video
40 How to do Left Joins (Outer Joins) and Unions Play Video
41 What is a Function? Introduction to Functions Play Video
42 Aliases Play Video
43 How to use Aliases with your Joins and Functions Play Video
44 String Functions PART 1! Play Video
45 String Functions PART 2! Play Video
46 How to Use Math Operators Play Video
47 Numeric Functions PART 1! Play Video
48 Numeric Functions PART 2! Play Video
49 Date and Time Functions Play Video
50 Formatting the Date Play Video
51 What is Encryption? Play Video
52 How to Encrypt Databases with 1-Way Encryption Play Video
53 How to Encrypt Data with 2-Way Encryption Play Video
54 Normalizing a Bank System Play Video
55 Data Types of a Bank System Play Video
56 Indexes and Foreign Key Constraints for our Bank System Play Video
57 Programming Our Bank System with phpMyAdmin Play Video
58 Aggregate Grouping Functions and How They Work! Play Video
59 Keyword Distinct Play Video
60 Group By Play Video
61 How to use Aggregate Functions Play Video
62 Comparison Functions Play Video
63 If Function Play Video
64 Case Operator Play Video
65 Full Text Search Index Play Video
66 In Boolean Mode Play Video
67 How to Organize In Boolean Mode FINAL VIDEO! Play Video


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