Perl Programming: The Bad Tutorials

Course Description

A collection of 57 great (not bad, despite the name) tutorials on how to get started with Perl programming, writing your first script, and installing the required developer packages.

Perl Programming: The Bad Tutorials
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction, Installation, First Script! Play Video
2 Escape Sequences Play Video
3 Comments & Quotes Play Video
4 Scalar Variables Play Video
5 Arrays Play Video
6 Array Operations Play Video
7 Adding & Removing Array Elements Play Video
8 Slicing Arrays Play Video
9 Replacing Array Elements Play Video
10 Converting Arrays to Strings Play Video
11 Converting Strings to Arrays Play Video
12 Sort & Merge Arrays Play Video
13 Hashes Play Video
14 Slicing Hashes Play Video
15 Obtaining Keys & Values from Hashes Play Video
16 Check Element Existence Play Video
17 Obtaining Size of Hashes Play Video
18 Adding & Removing Hash Elements Play Video
19 IF Statement in Perl Play Video
20 If Else Statement in Perl Play Video
21 Elseif Statement in Perl Play Video
22 Unless Statement in Perl Play Video
23 Unless Else Statement in Perl Play Video
24 Conditional Operator Play Video
25 While Loop Play Video
26 Until Loop Play Video
27 For Loop Play Video
28 Foreach Loop Play Video
29 Do While Loop Play Video
30 Nested Loops Play Video
31 Next Statement Play Video
32 Last Statement Play Video
33 Redo Statement Play Video
34 Infinite Loop Play Video
35 Arithmetic Operators Play Video
36 Comparison Operators (Numbers) Play Video
37 Comparison Operators (Strings) Play Video
38 Assignment Operators Play Video
39 Bitwise Operators Play Video
40 Logical Operators Play Video
41 Miscellaneous Operators Play Video
42 Working with Date & Time Values Play Video
43 Formatting Time Play Video
44 Subroutines Play Video
45 Passing Arguments to Subroutines Play Video
46 Working with Arguments Play Video
47 Counting Number of Arguments Play Video
48 Passing List to Subroutine Play Video
49 Return Statement in Perl Play Video
50 Private Variables Play Video
51 Reading Text from a File Play Video
52 Writing Text to a File Play Video
53 Receiving Input from Users Play Video
54 Copying Files Play Video
55 Renaming Files Play Video
56 Listing Files in a Folder Play Video
57 Creating Directories Play Video


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