Philosophy and History of Christian Thought

Course Description

This wide ranging course starts with the pre-Socratic philosophers of the ancient world, and traces the history of philosophical speculation across the ages up to the present. Included along the way is special attention to the greatest Christian thinkers in history, including Augustine, Anselm, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin and many others.

Philosophy and History of Christian Thought
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction to the Major Themes of Philosophy Play Video
2 The Ionian Philosophers Play Video
3 The Italian Philosophers Play Video
4 The Athenian Pluralists Play Video
5 The Life and Times of Socrates Play Video
6 Introduction to Plato Play Video
7 Plato's World of the Forms Play Video
8 Plato's Parable of the Cave Play Video
9 Dualism in Plato Play Video
10 Introduction to Aristotle Play Video
11 Aristotle's Metaphysics Play Video
12 Aristotle's Categories Play Video
13 Aristotle's Theory of Language Play Video
14 Aristotle's God Play Video
15 The Epicureans Play Video
16 Stoicism Play Video
17 Philo of Alexandria Play Video
18 The Christian Synthesis Play Video
19 Early Christian Apologists Play Video
20 Antiochan Christianity Play Video
21 Alexandrian Christianity Play Video
22 The Council of Nicaea Play Video
23 Manichaeism Play Video
24 Neo-Platonism Play Video
25 The Life of Augustine Play Video
26 Overview of Augustin's Thought Play Video
27 Augustin's Epistemology Play Video
28 Augustin's Epistemology (part 2) Play Video
29 Augustin's Theory of Faith Play Video
30 Augustin's Understanding of the Church Play Video
31 The Pelagian Controversy Play Video
32 The Pelagian Controversy (cont) Play Video
33 The Pelagian Controversy (concl) Play Video
34 Anselm of Canterbury Play Video
35 Anselm's Cur Deus Homo Play Video
36 Introduction to the Classical Synthesis Play Video
37 The Classical Synthesis (part 2) Play Video
38 Thomas Aquinas and the Five Ways Play Video
39 Art, Philosophy, and the Renaissance Play Video


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