Philosophy of Mind with John Searle

Course Description

The single most important question in philosophy and in intellectual life generally at the present time is this: How, if at all, can we reconcile a certain conception that we have of ourselves as conscious, free, rational, ethical, language using, social and political human beings in a world consisting entirely of mindless, meaningless physical particles?

This course is directed to the most essential part of that question, the nature of the human mind. What is consciousness and how can it be caused by brain processes? How does it function causally in our behavior? How do we represent reality to ourselves in our mental processes? What is the nature of perception, memory, knowledge and action? Do we have free will? Does the existence of unconscious mental processes threaten our free will? Can cognitive science extend our understanding of ourselves as human beings? Are our brains really just digital computers? How exactly do our mental processes underlie society and our construction of social institutions, such as money, property, marriage and governments? What is the nature of perception?

This course will be concerned with these and other such fundamental questions in the foundations of philosophy, cognitive science and psychology.

Philosophy of Mind with John Searle
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

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# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Cartesian Dualism, Mind-Body Problem, Perception Play Video
2 Descartes’s Problems & Solutions, Other Positions Play Video
3 Behaviorism, Identity Theory, Functionalism Play Video
4 Recap, The Computational Theory of the Mind Play Video
5 Eliminativism, Anomalous Monism, Absent Qualia Play Video
6 Rigid Designators, The Chinese Room Argument Play Video
7 Strong AI, Cognitivism, Machines, Panpsychism Play Video
8 Cognitive Science, Vision, Connectionism Play Video
9 Consciousness, Thought Experiments, Objectivity Play Video
10 Observer-relativity, Searle’s Mind-Body Solution Play Video
11 Zombies, Supervenience, Mental Causation Play Video
12 Extended Mind, Mysterians, Causal Reduction Play Video
13 Searle’s Solutions to Descartes’s Problems Play Video
14 Property Dualism, Structure of Intentionality Play Video
15 Intentionality, The Background Play Video
16 Overview, Intentionality of Human Action Play Video
17 Basic Actions, Naive Realism vs Representation Play Video
18 Perception, Twin Earth Argument, Determinacy Play Video
19 Intentionality of Vision, Perception Play Video
20 Perception, Internalism vs Externalism Play Video
21 Externalism, Mental Causation, Extended Mind Play Video
22 Hume on Causation, The Problem of Induction Play Video
23 Sociobiology, The Connection Principle Play Video
24 Unconscious Rules, Indeterminacy, VOR, LAD Play Video
25 Aspectual Shape, Current Cognitive Science, Free Will Play Video
26 Compatibilism, Quantum Indeterminacy, Self Play Video
27 The Background, Personal Identity, Self Play Video
28 Animal Minds, Review of the Philosophy of Mind Play Video


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