Physics 250: Science And Engineering II

Course Description

Physics for Science and Engineering course is being offered by UMKC's Physics Department. In this course, UMKC Prof. Jerzy Wrobel gives 51 video lectures on the fundamental principles of physics. Lectures are based on Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 7th edition, by R.A. Serway & J.W. Jewett, Jr. Topics discussed include Electricity, Magnetism, Light and Optics and Modern Physics.

Original Course Name: 250 Physics For Science And Engineering II

Textbook: 8th edition of a textbook Physics for Scientists and Engineers authored R.A. Serway & J.W. Jewett, Jr.

Prerequisite: Physics 240: Science And Engineering I
Corequisite: Calculus II or consent of instructor.

Offered: Fall and Winter 2010

Physics 250: Science And Engineering II
UMKC Prof. Jerzy Wrobel in Lecture 40: Ray Diagrams and Mirror Equation.
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials:

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Electrostatic Interaction Play Video
2 Electric Field Vector Play Video
3 Gauss's Law & Coulomb's Law Play Video
4 Charge, Density and the Electric Field of an Extended Body Play Video
5 Electric Fields Play Video
6 Electric Potential Play Video
7 Calculating Electric Potential Play Video
8 Substance in an Electric Field Play Video
9 Capacitors Play Video
10 Parallel Plate Capacitor Play Video
11 Systems of Capacitors Play Video
12 Electric Current Play Video
13 Resistors Play Video
14 Systems of Resistors Play Video
15 Sources of Electromotive Force Play Video
16 Kirchoff's Rules Play Video
17 Applications of Kirchhoffs Rules Play Video
18 Charging and Discharging a Capacitor Play Video
19 Sinusoidal Alternating Current Play Video
20 Relation between Current and Voltage Play Video
21 Complex Impedance Play Video
22 AC in Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors Play Video
23 Applications of RLC Circuits Play Video
24 Applications of RLC Circuits Play Video
25 More Applications of RLC Circuits Play Video
26 Semiconductor Devices Play Video
27 Transistor Circuits Play Video
28 Magnetic Interaction (Part I) Play Video
29 Magnetic Interaction (Part II) Play Video
30 Current Carrying Wire in a Magnetic Field Play Video
31 Magnetic Torque Play Video
32 Maxwell's Equations Play Video
33 Magnetic Field Produced by Electric Currents Play Video
34 Faradays Law of Induction Play Video
35 Self-induction Play Video
36 Wave Nature of Electromagnetic Radiation Play Video
37 Law of Refraction and Law of Reflection Play Video
38 Image Formation Play Video
39 Spherical Mirrors Play Video
40 Ray Diagrams and Mirror Equation Play Video
41 Thin Spherical Lenses Play Video
42 The Eye Play Video
43 System of Lenses Play Video
44 Optical Instruments Play Video
45 Designing Optical Systems Play Video
46 Light and Vision Play Video
47 Demonstration of Interference Play Video
48 Theory of Interference Play Video
49 Designing Optical Systems Play Video
50 Review Play Video
51 Final Lecture Play Video


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Engr. Ado Y. Gambo Sheka wrote 9 years ago.
we are always, supporting, the professors, bcos their
research and achievement is very important 4us as a fresh
ones. May we get the stage.

Gloria wrote 9 years ago.
The material very helpful

m wrote 10 years ago.

Zweli Daniel wrote 12 years ago.
Im an Electrical Engineering Student at the Central
University of Technology in South Africa.I must say that i
enjoy the lecture videos even though i just discovered them
on your site.I am really thankfull that there are
institutions like this one which invests in video
lectures.its helping a lot guys i am learning more.Please
keep up the good work.God Bless.

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