The Physics of Quantum Mechanics with James Binney

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In this series of physics lectures, Professor J.J. Binney explains how probabilities are obtained from quantum amplitudes, why they give rise to quantum interference, the concept of a complete set of amplitudes and how this defines a "quantum state". A book of the course can be obtained from

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Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales;
The Physics of Quantum Mechanics with James Binney
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

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# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, Probability Amplitudes and Quantum States Play Video
2 Dirac Notation and the Energy Representation Play Video
3 Operators and Measurement Play Video
4 Commutators and Time Evolution the Time Dependent Schrödinger Equation Play Video
5 Further TDSE and the Position Representation Play Video
6 006 Wavefunctions for Well Defined Momentum, the Uncertainty Principle and Dynam Play Video
7 007 Back to Two Slit Interference, Generalization to Three Dimensions and the Vi Play Video
8 The Harmonic Oscillator and the Wavefunctions of its Stationary States Play Video
9 Dynamics of Oscillators and the Anharmonic Oscillator Play Video
10 Transformation of Kets, Continuous and Discrete Transformations and the Rotation Play Video
11 Transformation of Operators and the Parity Operator Play Video
12 Angular Momentum and Motion in a Magnetic Field Play Video
13 Hilary: The Square Well Play Video
14 A Pair of Square Wells and the Ammonia Maser Play Video
15 Tunnelling and Radioactive Decay Play Video
16 Composite Systems Entanglement and Operators Play Video
17 Einstein Podolski Rosen Experiment and Bell's Inequality Play Video
18 Angular Momentum Play Video
19 Diatomic Molecules and Orbital Angular Momentum Play Video
20 Further Orbital Angular Momentum, Spectra of L2 and LZ Play Video
21 Even further Orbital Angular Momentum Eigenfunctions, Parity and Kinetic Energ Play Video
22 Spin Angular Momentum Play Video
23 Spin ½, Stern Gerlach Experiment and Spin 1 Play Video
24 Classical Spin and Addition of Angular Momenta Play Video
25 The Hydrogen Atom I Play Video
26 The Hydrogen Atom II: Emission Spectra Play Video
27 The Hydrogen Atom III: Eigenfunctions Play Video


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