Physics Tutorials with Worksheets

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In this video tutorial series, study the fundamentals of a freshman Physics course while completing all the work on the provided worksheets.

Clutch Prep offers textbook-specific videos to help you pass your toughest science classes.

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Physics Tutorials with Worksheets
Students are offered PDF to be printed for each lesson and fill-in the blanks.
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

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# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Intro to Physics Play Video
2 Physics Converting Units Play Video
3 Physics Dimensional Analysis Play Video
4 Trigonometry:Vectors vs Scalars Play Video
5 Trigonometry: Combining Vectors Play Video
6 Trigonometry Decomposing Vectors Play Video
7 Intro to Trig Review Play Video
8 Trig Review & Using Arctan Play Video
9 Using Sine and Cosine Play Video
10 Velocity vs Speed Play Video
11 Motion with Multiple Parts Play Video
12 Intro to Meet/Catch Problems Play Video
13 Vertical Motion & Free Fall Play Video
14 Multiple Parts & Symmetry Play Video
15 Motion in 2D Play Video
16 Intro to Projectile Motion Play Video
17 Launch Up From Height Play Video
18 Finding Initial Velocity in Projectile Motion Play Video
19 Intro to Forces & Newton's Laws Play Video
20 Force Problems with Motion Play Video
21 Forces with Multiple Objects Play Video
22 Weight, Normal, Equilibrium Play Video
23 Equilibrium in Vertical Axis Play Video
24 Force Problems with Vertical Acceleration Play Video
25 Forces in Horizontal Plane Play Video
26 2D Equilibrium Problems Play Video
27 Overview of Friction Play Video
28 Static & Kinetic Friction Play Video
29 Static Friction & Equilibrium Play Video
30 Intro to Inclined Planes Play Video
31 Intro to Incline Plane with Friction Play Video
32 Incline with Friction & Critical Angle Play Video
33 Forces in Connected Objects Play Video
34 Intro to Springs Play Video
35 Intro to Circular Motion Play Video
36 Intro to Centripetal Forces Play Video
37 Flat Curve Play Video
38 Universal Law of Gravitation Play Video
39 Satellite Motion & Circular Orbit Play Video
40 Intro to Energy & Types of Energy Play Video
41 Work Done by a Constant Force Play Video
42 Zero Work, Negative Work & Work by Friction Play Video
43 Work Done by Gravity Play Video
44 Work on Inclined Planes Play Video
45 Work by Variable Forces & Springs Play Video
46 Calculating Net Work Play Video
47 The Work Energy Theorem Play Video
48 Conservation of Total Energy Play Video
49 Conservation of Mechanical Energy Play Video
50 The Conservation of Energy Equation Play Video
51 Using the Energy Equation Example 1 Play Video
52 Non Conservative Problems Example 1 2 Play Video
53 Energy with Resistive Forces Example 1 Play Video
54 Energy Problems in Inclines Example 1 Play Video
55 Energy in Curved Paths Example 1 Play Video
56 Gravitational Energy is Relative Pendulums Play Video
57 Energy Problems with Bumps Part A Play Video
58 Energy in Connected Objects Example 1 Play Video
59 Projectile Motion with Energy Example 1 Play Video
60 Energy in Horizontal Springs Example Play Video
61 Energy in Vertical Springs Example 1 Play Video
62 Conservative Forces are Path Independent Play Video
63 Intro to Momentum Play Video
64 Impulse & Impulse Momentum Theorem Play Video
65 Momentum & Impulse Example Play Video
66 Momentum & Impulse in 2D Play Video
67 Impulse with Variable Forces Play Video
68 Total Momentum of a System Play Video
69 Push Away Problems Play Video
70 More Push Away Problems Example 1 Play Video
71 Push Away With Energy Example Play Video
72 Types of Collisions Play Video
73 Inelastic Collisions Example 1 Play Video
74 Elastic Collisions Example Play Video
75 2D Collisions Example 1 Play Video
76 Intro to Collisions with Motion Play Video
77 Collisions & Motion Finding Initial Velocity Play Video
78 Collisions with Pendulums Example 1 Play Video
79 Rotational Position & Displacement Play Video
80 Displacement in Multiple Revolutions Play Video
81 Rotational Velocity & Acceleration Play Video
82 Equations of Rotational Motion Play Video
83 Converting Between Linear & Rotational Play Video
84 Types of Acceleration in Rotation Play Video
85 Practice Radial acceleration of point mass Play Video
86 Rolling Motion Free Wheels Play Video
87 Intro to Connected Wheels Play Video
88 Example Speed of pulleys of different radii Play Video
89 Intro to Moment of Inertia Play Video
90 Example Inertia of planet of known density Play Video
91 Example:Inertia of disc with point masses Play Video
92 Moment of Inertia & Mass Distribution Play Video
93 Intro to Rotational Kinetic Energy Play Video
94 Example Mass of re designed flywheel Play Video
95 Types of Motion & Energy Play Video
96 Energy of Rolling Motion (Surface vs Air) Play Video
97 Example: Ratio of energies of cylinder on surface Play Video
98 Conservation of Energy with Rotation Play Video
99 Example: Which shape reaches bottom first Play Video
100 How to Solve: Energy vs Torque Play Video
101 Example: Speed of blocks on a pulley Atwood's Machine Play Video
102 Example: Speed of a yo yo Play Video
103 Conservation of Energy in Rolling Motion Play Video
104 Example: Sphere on rough and smooth hills Play Video
105 Intro to Torque Play Video
106 Net Torque & Sign of Torque Play Video
107 Torque Due to Weight Play Video
108 Torque on Discs & Pulleys Play Video
109 Example Net Torque on a disc Play Video
110 Torque & Acceleration Rotational Dynamics Play Video
111 Torque with Kinematic Equations Play Video
112 Example: Force to accelerate a rotating system Play Video
113 Rotational Dynamics with Two Motions Play Video
114 Example: Acceleration of block on a pulley Play Video
115 Rotational Dynamics of Rolling Motion Play Video
116 Torque & Equilibrium Play Video
117 Torque & Equilibrium: Example: Pin holding a horizontal bar Play Video
118 Equilibrium with Multiple Objects: Example: Position of second kid on seesaw Play Video
119 Equilibrium with Multiple Objects: Example: Multiple objects hanging Play Video
120 Equilibrium with Multiple Supports Play Video
121 Center of Mass & Simple Balance Play Video
122 Equilibrium in 2D Ladder Problems Play Video
123 Beam Shelf Against a Wall Play Video
124 Example Beam supporting an object Play Video
125 Intro to Angular Momentum Play Video
126 Angular Momentum of a Point Mass Play Video
127 Angular Momentum of Objects in Linear Motion Play Video
128 Angular Momentum & Newton's Second Law Play Video
129 Conservation of Angular Momentum Play Video
130 Conservation of Angular Momentum: Example: Ice skater closes her arms Play Video
131 Opening/ Closing Arms on Rotating Stool: Example: Holding weights on a spinning stool Play Video
132 Spinning on String of Variable Length: Example: Spinning on a string of variable length Play Video
133 Intro to Angular Collisions (Two discs) Play Video
134 Jumping Into/Out of Moving Disc: Example: Jumping into a moving disc Play Video


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