Plasma Physics: Fundamentals and Applications

Course Description

The course would be a basic course in plasma physics with focus on techniques of plasma production and measurements, waves and instabilities, single particle motion in electric and magnetic fields, plasma confinement, and applications to medium and short wave communication, plasma processing of materials, laser driven fusion and magnetic fusion.

Plasma Physics: Fundamentals and Applications
Plasma physics is the study of charged particles and fluids interacting with self-consistent electric and magnetic fields
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

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# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction to Plasmas (56:55) Play Video
2 Plasma Response to fields: Fluid Equations (53:25) Play Video
3 DC Conductivity and Negative Differential Conductivity (59:54) Play Video
4 RF Conductivity of Plasma (59:08) Play Video
5 RF Conductivity of Plasma Contd (56:44) Play Video
6 Hall Effect, Cowling Effect and Cyclotron Resonance Heating (58:18) Play Video
7 Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Plasma (58:36) Play Video
8 Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Plasma Contd (59:33) Play Video
9 Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Inhomogeneous Plasma (57:40) Play Video
10 Electrostatic Waves in Plasmas (59:14) Play Video
11 Energy Flow with an Electrostatic Wave (59:13) Play Video
12 Two Stream Instability (58:12) Play Video
13 Relativistic electron Beam- Plasma Interaction (57:48) Play Video
14 Cerenkov Free Electron Laser (1:00:51) Play Video
15 Free Electron Laser (58:51) Play Video
16 Free Electron Laser: Energy gain (54:48) Play Video
17 Free Electron Laser: Wiggler Tapering and Compton Regime Operation (56:28) Play Video
18 Weibel Instability (58:21) Play Video
19 Rayleigh Taylor Instability (57:32) Play Video
20 Single Particle Motion in Static Magnetic and Electric Fields (57:53) Play Video
21 Plasma Physics Grad B and Curvature Drifts (50:41) Play Video
22 Adiabatic Invariance of Magnetic Moment and Mirror confinement (57:59) Play Video
23 Mirror machine (58:45) Play Video
24 Thermonuclear fusion (57:19) Play Video
25 Tokamak (58:00) Play Video
26 Tokamak operation (58:54) Play Video
27 Auxiliary heating and current drive in tokamak (55:57) Play Video
28 Electromagnetic waves propagation in magnetise plasma (56:25) Play Video
29 Longitudinal electromagnetic wave propagation cutoffs, resonances and Faraday rotation (58:12) Play Video
30 Electromagnetic propagation at oblique angles to magnetic field in a plasma (54:50) Play Video
31 Low frequency EM waves magnetized plasma (58:35) Play Video
32 Electrostatic waves in magnetized plasma (1:00:18) Play Video
33 Ion acoustic, ion cyclotron and magneto sonic waves in magnetized plasma (57:05) Play Video
34 VIasov theory of plasma waves (58:52) Play Video
35 Landau damping and growth of waves (59:09) Play Video
36 Landau damping and growth of waves Contd (56:33) Play Video
37 Anomalous resistivity in a plasma (58:30) Play Video
38 Diffusion in plasma (56:48) Play Video
39 Diffusion in magnetized plasma (49:11) Play Video
40 Surface plasma wave (57:09) Play Video
41 Laser interaction with plasmas embedded with clusters (56:12) Play Video
42 Current trends and epilogue (59:44) Play Video


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