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Kathleen Bawn is Associate Professor of Political Science at UCLA. She is interested in theoretical problems involving coalition formation. Her research uses game theory and statistical analysis to understand how rules and institutions affect coalitions, and how the nature of coalitions affects political choices. Specific projects have looked at the coalition politics in the choice of an electoral system in the Federal Republic of Germany and the incentives that Germany’s mixed electoral system creates for members of the Bundestag; how majority party leaders in the U.S. Congress structure coalitions through procedural decisions and how conflict within the majority party coalition is managed; how legislative coalitions balance technical and political considerations in the structure of administrative agencies. She has also examined ideology as a manifestation of coalition politics. Her recent work focuses primarily on political parties: specifically on differences between coalitions composed of a large number of small parties and those composed of a small number of large parties. Her work has been published in the American Journal of Political Science, the American Political Science Review, the British Journal of Political Science, Legislative Studies Quarterly, and other academic journals. Her teaching interests include legislative politics, collective choice, game theory and mathematical methods in social science.

Kathleen Bawn
Kathleen Bawn
Name: Kathleen Bawn
Institution: University of California, Los Angeles
Website: http://www.polisci.ucla.edu/people/faculty-pages/kathleen-ba...