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Lecture 20: Simplifying Square Roots
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Erica wrote 7 years ago.
This guy is hilarious! I love it. :D Thanks for making math

maryam wrote 8 years ago.
maroo loves math :D

maryam wrote 8 years ago.

Matt wrote 8 years ago.
the change from the one to the seven at the far right of
the expression was a mistake, right?

Franklin wrote 9 years ago.
Wow.. there is so much I could learn from this page.


J wrote 9 years ago.
At 1 minute 26 secomds you point out 16 less than... At 1
min 34 you do it again..oops.. get it right dude!

hinman wrote 9 years ago.
At 5:50 you change a -1 to a -7 while copying.

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