Principles of Biblical Interpretation

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to help students develop an understanding of principles and techniques important to the study, interpretation, and application of the Scriptures.

About the professor: Dr. David Watson is the Academic Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Associate Professor of New Testament at United Seminary in Ohio. David is an ordained elder in the West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church. He has worked in the local church and in a United Methodist campus ministry. He currently serves on the Miami Valley District Committee on Ordained Ministry and the West Ohio Inclusive Body of Christ Ministry Team for Persons with Disabilities. As Academic Dean, Dr. Watson oversees the academic program of the school and is a member of United Seminary’s Executive Staff.

Principles of Biblical Interpretation
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials:

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Intro to Biblical Interpretation Play Video
2 Historical Context Part 1 Play Video
3 Historical Context Part 2 Play Video
4 Biblical Origins and Interpretations Part 1 Play Video
5 Biblical Origins and Interpretation Part 2 Play Video
6 Biblical Inerrancy Play Video
7 Bible Authority Play Video
8 The Community of Faith Play Video
9 Modernity and Post-Modernity Part 1 Play Video
10 Modernity and Post-Modernity Part 2 Play Video
11 Biblical Translations Play Video
12 The Epistles: Historical Context Part 1 Play Video
13 The Epistles: Historical Context Part 2 Play Video
14 The Epistles: Applications and Principles Part 1 Play Video
15 The Epistles: Applications and Principles Part 2 Play Video
16 Acts and the Apostles Play Video
17 The Gospels Intro Play Video
18 Historical Precedent Play Video
19 OT Narratives Part 1 Play Video
20 OT Narratives Part 2 Play Video
21 Mark Part 1 Play Video
22 Mark Part 2 Play Video
23 Matthew Part 1 Play Video
24 Matthew Part 2 Play Video
25 Luke Part 1 Play Video
26 Luke Part 2 Play Video
27 John Part 1 Play Video
28 John Part 2 Play Video
29 Israelite Law Part 1 Play Video
30 Israelite Law Part 2 Play Video
31 Israelite Law Part 3 Play Video
32 The Prophets Part 1 Play Video
33 The Prophets Part 2 Play Video
34 Psalms Part 1 Play Video
35 Psalms Part 2 Play Video
36 Wisdom Part 1 Play Video
37 Wisdom Part 2 Play Video
38 Wisdom Part 3 Play Video
39 Revelation Part 1 Play Video
40 Revelation Part 2 Play Video


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