Principles of Marketing with Mukhtar Ahmed

Course Description

This course gives the students a comprehensive, innovative, managerial and practical introduction to marketing. Specifically, how to use the different concepts in developing marketing strategies and performing marketing analysis, Customer analysis, company analysis and competitor analysis. It also gives an insight to make students familiar with the concept of Marketing Mix (product, pricing,promotion, and distribution strategies) It also enhances the students problem solving and decision making abilities by learning how to leverage strategic marketing analysis to inform tactical marketing mix decisions while providing you with a comprehensive framework to evaluate marketing decisions and to create successful marketing initiatives. This course also expands your knowledge of the marketing industry while increasing your awareness of the strategic and tactical decisions behind today’s top performing brands.

Principles of Marketing with Mukhtar Ahmed
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials:

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction to Marketing Play Video
2 Road Map to Course Play Video
3 Marketing Functions & Customer Relationship Management Play Video
4 Marketing Historical Prospective Play Video
5 Marketing Challenges in the 21st Century I Play Video
6 Marketing Challenges in the 21st Century II Play Video
7 Strategic Planning and Marketing Process Play Video
8 Marketing Process I Play Video
9 Marketing Process II Play Video
10 The Macroenvironment Play Video
11 Analyzing Marketing Opportunities and Developing Strategies Play Video
12 Marketing Research Play Video
13 Steps in the Marketing Research Process Play Video
14 Consumer Buying Behavior I Play Video
15 Consumer Buying Behavior II Play Video
16 Consumer Buying Behavior III Play Video
17 Business Markets and Buying Behavior Play Video
18 Market Segmentation I Play Video
19 Market Segmentation II Play Video
20 Marketing Mix 4 P's Play Video
21 Individual Product Decisions Play Video
22 New Product Development Play Video
23 Consumer Adoption Process Play Video
24 Prices Play Video
25 Setting Pricing Policy Play Video
26 Prices II Play Video
27 Initiating and Responding to Price Changes Play Video
28 Distribution and Marketing Channels Play Video
29 Logistic Management Play Video
30 Retailing and Wholesaling Play Video
31 Review 3rd P (Place) Play Video
32 Marketing Communications Play Video
33 Promotion and Its Goals Play Video
34 Advertising and Sales Promotion Play Video
35 Personal Selling Play Video
36 Sales Force Management Play Video
37 Sales Force Management II: Direct Marketing Play Video
38 Other Marketing Applications through Databases Play Video
39 Review 4th P (Promotion) Play Video
40 Creating Competitive Advantage Play Video
41 Global Marketing Play Video
42 E-Marketing Play Video
43 Marketing and Society Play Video
44 Review I Play Video
45 Review II Play Video


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