Principles of Mendelian and Molecular genetics

Course Description

Integrates principles of Mendelian and molecular genetics toward understanding structure and function of the gene. Emphasizes quantitative analysis of genetic data and explores current issues of genetic engineering from technical and ethical viewpoints.

Principles of Mendelian and Molecular genetics
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

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# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction to Genetics (46:13) Play Video
2 Nucleotides (32:43) Play Video
3 Double Helix and DNA (17:49) Play Video
4 DNA: How it Can Store Information and How it is Shaped (50:18) Play Video
5 DNA Groups and Stem Cells (49:41) Play Video
6 DNA Replication (48:09) Play Video
7 DNA Reproduction (38:49) Play Video
8 RNA Transcription (48:10) Play Video
9 Splicing and RNA Coding (45:54) Play Video
10 Ribosomes and RNA Coding (31:47) Play Video
11 Introduction to Information (16:47) Play Video
12 Origins of Life and Hereditary Genetics (49:35) Play Video
13 Mendel's Law and The Process of Meiosis (48:57) Play Video
14 Spermogenesis, Oogenesis and Gametes Production (51:36) Play Video
15 Alleles' and Genes' Control Over a Single Trait (46:01) Play Video
16 Dominant and Recessive Genotypes (46:16) Play Video
17 Test Cross and Genetic Mapping (47:11) Play Video
18 Chromosomes and Hereditary Genes (51:39) Play Video
19 Mutations (51:37) Play Video
20 Bacteria (47:56) Play Video
21 Bacteria and Viruses (50:01) Play Video
22 Cloning and Cloning Vectors (41:01) Play Video
23 Cloning (47:26) Play Video
24 Genetic Libraries (52:33) Play Video
25 DNA Sequencing and Genotyping (47:31) Play Video
26 Genotyping and Transgenics (38:42) Play Video
27 DNA and Genomics (50:01) Play Video
28 Eukaryotic Gene Regulation (47:43) Play Video
29 mRNA and Regulation (32:25) Play Video
30 Discussion on the Moral Issues (33:29) Play Video
31 Developmental Biology (41:02) Play Video
32 Cancer (51:30) Play Video
33 Genetic Population and The Hardy-Weinberg Law (47:29) Play Video
34 Sequence Alignments (50:42) Play Video


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