Probability & Stats 1: Basics

Course Description

In his first series on Probability and Statistics, Michel van Biezen introduces the basic fundamentals of combinatorics and probability, including set theory, De Morgan's laws, unions and intersections, combinations, permutations, and conditional probability, including Bayes' theorem

Probability & Stats 1: Basics
Bayes' theorem spelt out in blue neon at the offices of Autonomy in Cambridge.
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

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# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction to Probability and Statistics Play Video
2 Definition of Sets and Elements Play Video
3 Definition of Sample Spaces & Factorials Play Video
4 Definition of Events Play Video
5 Definition of Intersection, Union, Compliment, Venn Diagram Play Video
6 De Morgan's Law Explained Play Video
7 Union and Intersection - Another Look Play Video
8 The Probability Function - A First Look Play Video
9 The Probability Function - Flipping 3 Coins, Example Play Video
10 The Probability Function - Flipping Coins - General Formula 1 Play Video
11 The Probability Function - Flipping Coins - General Formula 2 Play Video
12 The Probability Function - Flipping 10 Coins - Example Play Video
13 The Probability of an Event NOT Occurring Play Video
14 The Probability of A or B (Independent Events) Play Video
15 The Probability of A or B (Dependent Events) Play Video
16 The Probability of A or B (Dependent Events) Play Video
17 The "At Least One or Once" Rule Play Video
18 The "At Least One or Once" Rule - Example Play Video
19 The "At Least One or Once" Rule - Example 2 Play Video
20 The "At Least One or Once" Rule - Example 3 Play Video
21 Probability - 4 More Basic Examples Play Video
22 Probability - 3 More Basic Examples Play Video
23 Calculating the Odds -For, -Against, and -On Play Video
24 Calculating the Odds and Horse Racing Play Video
25 Conditional Probability Explained Play Video
26 Conditional Probability (of a Person Born) Play Video
27 Conditional Probability - Independent Event Explained Play Video
28 Basic Definitions and Symbols Summarized Play Video
29 Basic Theorems 1 - 5 Play Video
30 Basic Theorems 6 - 10 Play Video
31 Basic Theorems 11 - 14 Play Video
32 Calculation Probability Summary (1 of 3) Play Video
33 Calculation Probability Summary (2 of 3) Play Video
34 Calculation Probability Summary (3 of 3) Play Video
35 Combinations and Permutations Explained Play Video
36 Permutations and Combinations - Example 1 Play Video
37 Permutations and Combinations - Example 2 Play Video
38 Permutations and Combinations - Example 3 Play Video
39 Permutations and Combinations - Example 4 Play Video
40 Permutations and Combinations - Example 5 Play Video
41 Permutations and Combinations - Example 6 Play Video
42 Permutations and Combinations - Example Play Video
43 Permutations and Combinations - Example 8 Play Video
44 Permutations and Combinations - Example 9 Play Video
45 Permutations and Combinations - Example 10 Play Video
46 Permutations and Combinations - Example 11 Play Video
47 Permutations and Combinations - Example 12 Play Video
48 Permutations and Combinations - Example 13 Play Video
49 Permutations and Combinations - Example 14 Play Video
50 Permutations and Combinations - Example 15 Play Video
51 Permutations and Combinations - Example 16 Play Video
52 Permutations and Combinations - Example 17 Play Video
53 Permutations and Combinations - Example 18 Play Video
54 Conditional Probability Basics Play Video
55 Conditional Probability - Example Play Video
56 Conditional Probability - "Theorem 1" Play Video
57 Conditional Probability - "Theorem 2" Play Video
58 Conditional Probability: Bayes' Theorem (Part 1 of 3). Play Video
59 Conditional Probability: Bayes' Theorem (Part 2 of 3)) Play Video
60 Conditional Probability: Bayes' Theorem (Part 3 of 3)) Play Video
61 Conditional Probability: Baye's Theorem Example 1 Play Video
62 Conditional Probability: Baye's Theorem Example 2 Play Video


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