Quantum Mechanics: Physical Problems in One-Dimension

Course Description

In this course, GMath Physics Instructor Donny Lee gives 32 video lessons on Quantum Mechanics and Physical Problems in One-Dimension.

Quantum Mechanics: Physical Problems in One-Dimension

GMath Physics Instructor Donny Lee in Lesson 5: The Free Particle: Calculating Our Wave Packet.

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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 The Free Particle: Continuous States Play Video
2 The Free Particle: Analyzing the Solutions Play Video
3 The Free Particle: Are Continuous States Physical? Play Video
4 The Free Particle: A Gaussian Wave Packet Play Video
5 The Free Particle: Calculating Our Wave Packet Play Video
6 Solving the Schrödinger Equation Play Video
7 Description of Plane Waves Play Video
8 Probability Current Density Play Video
9 Calculating R and T Play Video
10 Explaining Quantum Behavior Play Video
11 Particle-like Gets Stopped Play Video
12 The Strange Evanescent Wave Play Video
13 Infinite Square Well: Deriving Discrete Energy Value Play Video
14 Infinite Square Well: What is Zero-Point Energy? Play Video
15 Infinite Square Well: Unusual Probability Densities Play Video
16 The Scattering Problem Play Video
17 Ratio Transmitted Particles Play Video
18 Energy Values and Resonance Play Video
19 Full Transmission of Part Play Video
20 Tunneling: Setting the Situation Play Video
21 Tunneling: Deciphering the Wave-like Particle Play Video
22 Tunneling: Penetrating the Potential Barrier Play Video
23 Tunneling: Further Analysis of T Play Video
24 Tunneling: The WKB Approximation Method Play Video
25 Introduction Play Video
26 Unphysical Solutions Play Video
27 Fourier Transform Revisit Play Video
28 Outside the Well Play Video
29 Anti/Symmetric Solutions Play Video
30 Boundary Conditions Play Video
31 A Graphical Solution Play Video
32 Discrete Energy Specturm Play Video


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thal wrote 10 years ago.
this is a really nice proof. Much better than the one that
quantum mechanics books usually have!!!

YEE MENG WAH wrote 10 years ago.
Whats your educational background Donny?

riad abu hawash wrote 11 years ago.
It is interesting

riad abu hawash wrote 11 years ago.
its very intersting

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