Quantum Physics, with V. Balakrishnan

Course Description

Lecture Series on Quantum Physics by Prof.V.Balakrishnan, Department of Physics, IIT Madras.


Introduction to Quantum Physics.

Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.

Introduction to linear vector spaces.

Characteristics of linear vector spaces.

Functions in a linear vector space.

Linear operations in a linear vector space and their matrices.

Classical vs Quantum Mechanics.

Schrodinger equation.

Schroedinger equation in time-independent vector potential.

Path Integral Approach to Quantum Mechanics.

Probability density and probability current.

Potential wells, bound states, delta-function potentials.

Bloch theorem.

Angular momentum:

Symmetry and invariance, group theory and rotations.

Addition of Angular Momentum.

Groups SO3, SU2.

Schrodinger Equation in 3 dimensions.

Hydrogen atom.

Introduction to Scattering Theory:

Partial wave expansion,

Born Approximation, effective range approximation.

The WKB approximation.

WKB method.

Bohr-Sommerfeld quantization.

Quantum dynamics.

Exchange operator, symmetrization and antisymmetrization.

Fermions in a box at zero temperature.

The Adiabatic and Born-Oppenheimer Approximations.

Time-independent Perturbation Theory.

Time-dependent Perturbation Theory.

Symmetries in Quantum Mechanics.

Quantum Physics, with V. Balakrishnan

Prof. Balakrishnan in Lecture 25.
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Displaying 7 comments:

Marco Fornasari wrote 9 years ago.
Dear Prof. Balakrishnan,
I would like to thank your for your youtube courses in CP
and QPhysics!
They contain a lot of what I wanted to know about physics
and did not dare to ask :-)
I am an experienced Italian electronic engineer who had the
chance to work at CERN long time ago, then microelectronics
designer and now I moved to commercial side of the
optoelectronic industry, but physics and life science are
still my passion. I love your balance between rigour
approach w/ always with in mind the overall picture (e.g. :br>your lectures on dynamical systems) and without never
reducing it to specialism.
Are you planning to post also lectures on quantum field
theory? And I think it would be great if you could use your
knowledge and style to lectures on biology, system biology
or complex system etc.. These might not be your tradition
area of expertise but I am sure you will bring original
ideas in these branches of modern science.
Kind Regards,,

G. Kurtz wrote 9 years ago.
Can not turn off those stupid captions. The captions are
covering up the lecture. Either get rid of captions or just
remove entire lecture.

heisn wrote 11 years ago.
Beautiful lecture, I wish to study under the sound guidance
of such a knowledgeable teacher. Hats off to you sir. I
finally i get what a state vector & Linear vector space
I would like to know that what are the texts prescribed for
this courses.

pippo wrote 12 years ago.
great course but what about lecture 32 and so on...?

Sunil Kr. Thapa wrote 12 years ago.
This is an exquisite treatment of linear algebra and quantum
mechanics. Prof Balkrishnan is best

ravi kumar biroju wrote 13 years ago.
it is very help ful to improve the concepts and applications
of quantum mechanics by listening this lecture to me

shaun wrote 13 years ago.
This is a first-rate treatment of quantum mechanics.
Strongly recommended to any student of the subject.

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