Roman Architecture

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This course is an introduction to the great buildings and engineering marvels of Rome and its empire, with an emphasis on urban planning and individual monuments and their decoration, including mural painting. While architectural developments in Rome, Pompeii, and Central Italy are highlighted, the course also provides a survey of sites and structures in what are now North Italy, Sicily, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, and North Africa. The lectures are illustrated with over 1,500 images, many from Professor Kleiner's personal collection.

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This Yale College course, taught on campus twice per week for 75 minutes, was recorded for Open Yale Courses in Spring 2009.

Roman Architecture

About Professor Diana E. E. Kleiner

Diana E. E. Kleiner is Dunham Professor of History of Art and Classics at Yale University, Principal Investigator of Open Yale Courses, and former Deputy Provost at Yale. She is the author of numerous books on Roman art in its political and social context including Roman Sculpture (Yale University Press), the fundamental reference on the subject. She has done seminal work on Roman women, centered around the ground-breaking exhibition, I Clavdia: Women in Ancient Rome, and is the author of Cleopatra and Rome (Harvard University Press), which opens a new perspective on one of the most intriguing women who ever lived. Professor Kleiner has resided in Rome and Athens and has traveled extensively throughout what was once the Roman Empire, experiencing firsthand nearly every site and building featured in Roman Architecture.

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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction to Roman Architecture Play Video
2 It Takes a City: The Founding of Rome and the Beginnings of Urbanism in Italy Play Video
3 Technology and Revolution in Roman Architecture Play Video
4 Civic Life Interrupted: Nightmare and Destiny on August 24, A.D. 79 Play Video
5 Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Houses and Villas at Pompeii Play Video
6 Habitats at Herculaneum and Early Roman Interior Decoration Play Video
7 Gilding the Lily: Painting Palaces and Villas in the First Century A.D. Play Video
8 Exploring Special Subjects on Pompeian Walls Play Video
9 From Brick to Marble: Augustus Assembles Rome Play Video
10 Accessing Afterlife: Tombs of Roman Aristocrats, Freedmen, and Slaves Play Video
11 Notorious Nero and His Amazing Architectural Legacy Play Video
12 The Creation of an Icon: The Colosseum and Contemporary Architecture in Rome Play Video
13 The Prince and the Palace: Human Made Divine on the Palatine Hill Play Video
14 The Mother of All Forums: Civic Architecture in Rome under Trajan Play Video
15 Rome and a Villa: Hadrian's Pantheon and Tivoli Retreat Play Video
16 The Roman Way of Life and Death at Ostia, the Port of Rome Play Video
17 Bigger Is Better: The Baths of Caracalla and Other Second- and Third-Century Buildings in Rome Play Video
18 Hometown Boy: Honoring an Emperor's Roots in Roman North Africa Play Video
19 Baroque Extravaganzas: Rock Tombs, Fountains, and Sanctuaries in Jordan, Lebanon, and Libya Play Video
20 Roman Wine in Greek Bottles: The Rebirth of Athens Play Video
21 Making Mini Romes on the Western Frontier Play Video
22 Rome Redux: The Tetrarchic Renaissance Play Video
23 Rome of Constantine and a New Rome Play Video
24 Paper Topics: Discovering the Roman Provinces and Designing a Roman City Play Video


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inita wrote 8 years ago.
great material, easy to watch and understand! thank you!

stephenh wrote 8 years ago.
Material seems fine but this woman repeats everything twice
and says "as well" far too often. The combination
makes it un-watchable for me.

Fiona wrote 9 years ago.
very very good!
It Should be translated into Chinese, so that more Chinese
people to understand the architecture of Rome.

gianni de dominicis wrote 10 years ago.
Sito di grandissimo interesse.
Mille grazie per averlo postato.
Gianni de dominicis

kahn muraj wrote 10 years ago.
Thank you for these very interesting lectures!

sael wrote 10 years ago.
really she is fantastic. here noting missing , everything is

annika noori wrote 10 years ago.
Wonderful intereting lectures easy to follow even for an
amateurThank you

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