Economics for High School Students

Course Description

A one day seminar just for high school students, with a particular focus on homeschoolers. 20 November 2009. Sponsored by Jeremy S. Davis. Recorded at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama.

The Mises Institute educates young students through our website and publications. Now, we are conducting a one day seminar just for high-school students -- with a particular focus on homeschoolers.

There is no charge at all for this event. It does provide an excellent introduction to the whole field of economics and why it matters for understand history and society and the ups and downs of civilization itself. Without economic understanding, we are left without a critical tool for understanding vast amounts of the social sciences.

The high school years are the perfect time to begin to introduce economic logic as a discipline. But too often, economics is presented as if it has nothing to do with real life. In fact, it is the very pith of life, as this seminar will show. It might be the first step to a lifetime romance with the subject.

Economics for High School Students
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elsie wrote 9 years ago.
I found these talks to be very interesting, and the
lecturers kept my interest. I realize the the institute is
libertarian and that the lectures are intended for a high
school student audience, but precisely for that reason
should there not have been some attempt to use other than
mockery when alternative polints of view were brought up? It
seemed more like an indoctrination session than any attempt
to teach the subject to young people.
I honestly think that it would have ]been more effective
for all but the true blievers in the audience if some lip
service had been paid to any value at all in opposing points
of view.
(I loved tht commentary on the development of changes in
the monastic system, and the frequent resurgence of offshoot
orders with stricter rules.)

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