Senior Chemistry with Chemguy

Course Description

In this course, Rob Lederer (Chemguy) gives an introduction to General Chemistry for Grade 11 and 12 students. Topics included in these lectures are: Energetics, Acids and Bases, Equilibrium, Redox and many more.

Perfect for high school students and even college students enrolled in an introductory chemistry course, Chemguy provides us with great and easy-to-follow lessons on general topics of chemistry, including Thermochemistry (Energetics), Acids and Bases and Redox Chemistry, all made possible thanks to his great enthusiasm, passion for the subject and sense of humor.

Senior Chemistry with Chemguy
Chemguy in lecture 10: Acids and Bases III: Equilibrium Constant for Water
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
I. Equilibrium
1 Equilibrium I: Closed Systems (4:56) Play Video
2 Equilibrium II: Equilibrium Expressions (4:24) Play Video
3 Equilibrium III: Heterogeneous Equilibrium (5:14) Play Video
4 Equilibrium IV: Equation Balancing Effects on K (3:59) Play Video
5 Equilibrium V: Determine Equilibrium Concentrations (5:56) Play Video
6 Equilibrium VI: Calculating Equilibrium Concentrations (6:00) Play Video
7 Equilibrium VII: Equilibrium Shifts (2:00) Play Video
II. Acids and Bases
8 Acids and Bases I: Properties of Molecular & Neutral Ionic Solutions (3:35) Play Video
9 Acids and Bases II: Properties of Acids and Bases (6:13) Play Video
10 Acids and Bases III: Equilibrium Constant for Water (3:50) Play Video
11 Acids and Bases IV: pH of Strong Acids & Bases (5:16) Play Video
12 Acids and Bases V: pH of Weak Acids (5:05) Play Video
13 Acids and Bases VI: Using Quadratic Formula for pH Calculations of Weak Acids (5:10) Play Video
14 Acids and Bases VII: pH of a Weak Base (4:19) Play Video
15 Acids and Bases VIII: Bronsted-Lowry Net Acid-Base Equations (5:56) Play Video
16 Acids and Bases IX: Acidic Deposition from Fossil Fuel Combustion (4:11) Play Video
17 Acids and Bases X: Acid/Base Indicators (6:27) Play Video
18 Acids and Bases XI: Acid-Base Stoichiometry (3:49) Play Video
19 Acids and Bases XII: pH of a Solution Mixture of Acid and Base (3:14) Play Video
20 Acids and Bases XIII: pH at Equivalence Point (6:14) Play Video
21 Acids and Bases XIV: Henderson/Hasselbalch Equation (6:51) Play Video
22 Acids and Bases XV: Titration Curves (8:50) Play Video
III. Electrochemistry
23 Redox I: Introduction to Electrochemistry (7:04) Play Video
24 Redox II: Lead Metal in a Silver Nitrate Solution (3:52) Play Video
25 Redox III: Balancing with the "Half-Reaction" Method (3:58) Play Video
26 Redox IV: Redox Reaction in a Base (3:51) Play Video
27 Redox V: Electrochemical Reactions with Faraday's Constant (3:25) Play Video
28 Redox VI: Corrosion and Cathodic Protection (2:00) Play Video
29 Redox VII: Oxidation Numbers (6:03) Play Video
30 Redox VIII: Balances Equation Using Oxidation Numbers (3:37) Play Video
31 Redox IX: Voltaic Cell (4:31) Play Video
32 Redox X: Electrolytic Cells (8:19) Play Video
IV. Thermochemistry
33 Thermochemistry I: Thermodynamic Laws (5:50) Play Video
34 Thermochemistry II: Energy Conversions (5:00) Play Video
35 Thermochemistry III: Calorimetry (5:26) Play Video
36 Thermochemistry IV: Kinetic Energy (3:04) Play Video
37 Thermochemistry V: Potential Energy and Bonding (5:14) Play Video
38 Thermochemistry VI: Molar Heat Capacity (7:44) Play Video
39 Thermochemistry VII: Temperature/Phase Change Calculation (5:49) Play Video
40 Thermochemistry VIII: Warming of Water Through a Phase Change (6:09) Play Video
41 Thermochemistry IX: Molar Heat of Fusion (6:57) Play Video
42 Thermochemistry X: Heats of Formation (4:33) Play Video
43 Thermochemistry XI: Hess' Law (7:13) Play Video
44 Thermochemistry XII: Nuclear Change (5:30) Play Video


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