Separations and Mass Transfer

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LearnChemE features faculty prepared engineering education resources for students and instructors produced by the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder and funded by the National Science Foundation, Shell, and the Engineering Excellence Fund. In these screencasts, LearnChemE covers topics such as Osmotic Pressure, Phase Equilibrium, Distillation, Absorption, Convective Mass Transfer, and more. These videos are organized according to "Separation Process Engineering" (Phillip C. Wankat, 2nd Ed.) and "Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer" (Welty, Wicks, Wilson and Rorrer, 5th Ed.).

Separations and Mass Transfer
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Osmotic Pressure (007:23) Play Video
2 Osmotic Pressure: Protein Molecular Weight (Bio) (006:42) Play Video
3 Phase Equilibrium: Txy Diagram (005:46) Play Video
4 Heat Removal to Condense a Vapor Mixture (004:53) Play Video
5 Binary VLE (0011:45) Play Video
6 Batch Distillation: Azeotrope (004:15) Play Video
7 Binary Flash Distillation Example (005:06) Play Video
8 Rachford-Rice Procedure for Isothermal Flash Distillation (009:42) Play Video
9 Packed Bed Column Height (0013:40) Play Video
10 Binary Distillation with Multiple Feeds (0011:41) Play Video
11 Binary Distillation with Non-Optimal Feed (009:12) Play Video
12 Binary Distillation with Open Steam Heating (009:46) Play Video
13 Binary Distillation with Side Stream Product (0013:17) Play Video
14 Distillation with No Distillate (007:46) Play Video
15 Distillation: Murphree Efficiency (003:06) Play Video
16 Distillation using Partial Condenser (Part I) (0018:16) Play Video
17 Distillation using Partial Condenser (Part II) (008:07) Play Video
18 Distillation: Side Stream Feed (008:41) Play Video
19 Absorption of a Dilute Species (0010:44) Play Video
20 Partially Miscible Liquid-Liquid Extraction (0021:40) Play Video
21 Single-Effect Evaporator: Introduction (005:10) Play Video
22 Single-Effect Evaporator: Heat Transfer Area (007:35) Play Video
23 Triple-Effect Evaporator: Introduction (007:28) Play Video
24 Triple-Effect Evaporator: Backward Feed (007:00) Play Video
25 Reverse Osmosis (009:46) Play Video
26 Reverse Osmosis: Changes in Driving Force (005:27) Play Video
27 Diffusion through a Carbon Rod (Part I) (009:12) Play Video
28 Diffusion through a Carbon Rod (Part II) (005:35) Play Video
29 Mass Transfer in a Catalyst Sphere (007:07) Play Video
30 Diffusion Limited Drug Delivery (Bio) (006:42) Play Video
31 Unsteady-State Diffusion (0010:58) Play Video
32 Convective Mass Transfer (003:37) Play Video
33 Convective Mass Transfer: Part I (Bio) (006:54) Play Video
34 Convective Mass Transfer: Part II (Bio) (007:20) Play Video
35 Excel Solver Introduction (006:11) Play Video
36 Hunter-Nash Method: Liquid-Liquid Extraction (009:02) Play Video
37 Interpolating Tie Lines on a Ternary Diagram (005:02) Play Video
38 Adsorption Introduction (008:50) Play Video
39 What is Chemical Potential? (Multi-Component Systems) (005:14) Play Video
40 Diffusion into a Solid (006:08) Play Video
41 Binary Phase Diagram (Txy and xy) (0010:07) Play Video
42 Flash Distillation Derivation (006:52) Play Video
43 Flash Distillation Energy Balance (009:30) Play Video
44 Enthalpy Concentration Diagram (008:07) Play Video
45 Enthalpy Concentration Diagram Example (007:57) Play Video
46 Deriving Molar Flux Equations (0010:20) Play Video
47 Equimolar Counterdiffusion (EMD) (006:38) Play Video
48 Equimolar Counterdiffusion Example (008:11) Play Video
49 Unimolecular Diffusion (UMD) (007:11) Play Video
50 Unimolecular Diffusion Example (0011:15) Play Video
51 McCabe-Thiele Graphical Method Example (Part I) (008:22) Play Video
52 McCabe-Thiele Graphical Method Example (Part II) (006:36) Play Video
53 Deriving the Differential Equations of Mass Transfer (008:08) Play Video
54 Diffusion from Spherical Particle (0010:05) Play Video
55 Hunter-Nash Method: Liquid-Liquid Extraction Example (0012:21) Play Video
56 Mass Transfer Setup to Reactive Surface (008:37) Play Video
57 Langmuir Isotherms for Binary Mixture (004:38) Play Video
58 Pxy Diagram (Simulation) (004:43) Play Video
59 Osmolarity Example (Bio) (004:44) Play Video
60 Osmotic Shock Disruption (Bio) (007:03) Play Video
61 Ternary Phase Diagram Basics (Simulation) (005:49) Play Video
62 McCabe-Thiele: Stepping off Stages (007:03) Play Video


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