Shell Scripting: The Bad Tutorials

Course Description

This series is a collection of 62 video tutorials on UNIX/Linux Shell Programming. The tutorials are designed to benefit beginners but experienced shell programmers may also learn a few tricks of the trade in the course.

Shell Scripting: The Bad Tutorials
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction Play Video
2 Shell, Kernel, Terminal & More Play Video
3 View System Date, Calender Play Video
4 Create Files & Directories Play Video
5 Text Files: Create, Merge & Play Play Video
6 Rename & Delete Files & Directories Play Video
7 Create Copies, Links to Files & Directories Play Video
8 File Permissions Play Video
9 See What's In Using 'ls' Play Video
10 Change File Permissions Using 'chmod' Play Video
11 Count Lines, Words & Characters Using 'wc' Play Video
12 Sort Play Video
13 Cut Through Your Files Play Video
14 Convert & Copy Files With 'dd' Play Video
15 Get Help, View Fancy Text & Reduce File Size Play Video
16 Hello World! Play Video
17 Use Commands In Your Scripts Play Video
18 Shell Variables, Grab User Input Using 'read' Play Video
19 Positional Parameters Play Video
20 More On Positional Parameters Play Video
21 Reverse Quotes Or Accent Graves Play Video
22 Count The Number of Command Line Arguments Using $# Play Video
23 Math On Integers Using 'expr' Play Video
24 Operator Precedence Play Video
25 Math On Real Numbers Play Video
26 Escape Sequences Play Video
27 Do Cool Things With 'tput' Play Video
28 'if-then' Statement in Action Play Video
29 : The 'if-then-else' Statement Play Video
30 Run Checks on Numbers Play Video
31 Run Checks On Files Play Video
32 Append Text to a File Through Shell Script Play Video
33 Run Checks On Strings Play Video
34 The 'AND' Logical Operator Play Video
35 Count The Number of Characters in User's Input in Your Script Play Video
36 The 'OR' Logical Operator Play Video
37 The 'case' Statement Play Video
38 Another Date With 'case' Statement Play Video
39 The 'while' Loop Play Video
40 The 'until' Loop Play Video
41 The 'for' Loop Play Video
42 Rant & Little Work Play Video
43 Search Patterns Using 'grep' Play Video
44 The 'passwd' File Explained Play Video
45 The Internal Field Separator Play Video
46 'passwd' File Revisited Play Video
47 Reading From a File Play Video
48 Sleep while you are at work Play Video
49 Count the number of words & sentences in a text file without using 'wc' Play Video
50 Fetch & Redirect Man Pages of commands using 'for loop' Play Video
51 Nested Loops Play Video
52 The 'break' Statement Play Video
53 The 'continue' Statement Play Video
54 More on Metacharacters Play Video
55 Adding & Removing Users Play Video
56 Know when users log in Part One Play Video
57 : Know when users log in Part Two Play Video
58 Know when users log in Final Part Play Video
59 Communicate with other users using 'write' Play Video
60 Create Your Own Commands Using Functions Play Video
61 Executing Multiple Scripts Play Video
62 Conclusion Play Video


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