Skills of an Entrepreneur, Lecture by Chong-Moon Lee / Ambex Venture Group (2006)

About The Professor

Chong-Moon Lee founded Diamond Multimedia Systems in 1982, which later achieved the No. 1 ranking in revenue and market share for PC graphics accelerator products. As the sole founder, it took 13 years of struggles to take the company to its successful IPO in early 1995. In 1996 he started another high technology venture company under the name of AmBex Venture Group. Since then, active investments have been made in the areas of wireless communication, voice over IP applications, Internet infrastructures, network security, and multimedia applications.

A native of South Korea, Lee has a diverse background involving not only business but also education, cultural, and athletic activities. Currently, Lee serves as a trustee, commissioner, and executive board member of The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco and a trustee of The Asia Foundation among many others. He is also a founding board member of The Tech Museum of Innovation of San Jose.

Lee holds honorary doctorate degrees from John F. Kennedy University, Seton Hall University, University of Seoul, and Chung Ang University, MS in Library Science from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, and law degree from Chung Ang University, Seoul.

Courtesy of Ambex Ventures

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Chong-Moon Lee
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Name: Chong-Moon Lee
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