Soft X-rays and Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation

Course Description

In this course, Professor David Attwood gives 28 video lectures on Soft X-rays and Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation. Some of the topics covered in these video lectures are: Basic Absorption and Emission Processes; Scattering, Diffraction, and Refraction of Electromagnetic Radiation; Maxwell's Equations and the Wave Equation; Scattering by a Free Electron, Bound Electrons and Multi-Electron Atom; Brewster's Angle; Transition from Undulator to Wiggler Radiation; Hot Dense Plasmas and Synchrotron Radiation, Wiggler Power and Flux; Density Gradients, UV and EUV Probing; High Harmonic Generation with Femtosecond Laser Pulses; Recombination Lasing with Hydrogen-Like Carbon Ions; Collisionally Pumped Neon-Like Lasers; Coherence at Short Wavelengths; Spatial and Spectral Filtering of Undulator Radiation; X-Ray Microscopy with Diffractive Optics; Diffraction of Radiation by Pinhole Apertures and Zone Plates; High Resolution Soft X-Ray Microscopy; X-Ray Proximity Lithography, and many more.

Soft X-rays and Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation
EUV lithography
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

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# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Class Overview I (1:19:10) Play Video
2 Class Overview II (1:21:09) Play Video
2 Laser Wavelength Scaling (51:54) Play Video
3 Interaction Physics (1:20:11) Play Video
4 Radiation by an Accelerated Charge (1:19:32) Play Video
5 Scattering by Free and Bound Electron (1:22:09) Play Video
6 X-ray Refractive Index (1:15:53) Play Video
7 Brewster's angle and Multilayer mirrors (1:18:55) Play Video
8 Multilayer Applications (1:24:58) Play Video
9 Synchrotron Radiation (1:24:07) Play Video
10 Bending Magnet Radiation (1:17:56) Play Video
11 Undulator Radiation (1:20:45) Play Video
12 Undulator Brightness and Harmonics (1:26:58) Play Video
13 Plasma Physics (1:23:30) Play Video
14 Plasma Physics (cont.) (1:20:02) Play Video
15 Plasma Waves (1:20:15) Play Video
16 Blackbody Radiation (1:22:56) Play Video
17 High Harmonic Generation (1:23:52) Play Video
18 Lasers (1:20:17) Play Video
19 EUV and Soft x-ray Lasers (1:23:55) Play Video
21 Coherence, Spatial and Temporal (1:20:14) Play Video
22 Coherent Undulator Radiation (46:20) Play Video
23 Van Cittert-Zernike Theorem (1:22:45) Play Video
24 Zone Plate Formulas (1:22:43) Play Video
25 Zone Plate Imaging and Microscopy (1:18:38) Play Video
26 Spatial Resolution and Depth of Field (1:20:44) Play Video
27 Applications of Zone Plate Microscopy (1:11:16) Play Video
28 EUV lithography (1:05:13) Play Video


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zino wrote 12 years ago.
Many thanks for your support, spread and share of sciences
with all people of the world are signe of wise and powerfull

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