Solid State Physics in a Nutshell

Course Description

Welcome to Solid State Physics in a Nutshell. This video series was originally designed to go along with the solid state physics course at the Colorado School of Mines. It follows and references the textbook by Kittel, Introduction to Solid State Physics, 8th edition. As these videos are now being updated to be a worldwide resource, they are also captioned to make viewing possible for everyone, near and far.

It spans 32 video lectures, covering the following topics:
1. Bonding and Crystal Structure
2. Elastic Diffraction
3. Elastic Scattering
4. Phonon Dispersions and Transport & Thermal Properties
5. Inelastic Scattering
6. Free Electron Model: Density of States & Heat Capacity
7. Weak Potential and Band Structures
8. Intrinsic Semiconductors

Solid State Physics in a Nutshell
Topic 6-1: Planck Distribution and Einstein Heat Capacity
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
I. Bonding and Crystal Structure
1 Covalent Bonding (10:06) Play Video
2 Dipole Interactions (6:23) Play Video
3 Lattice and Basis (9:18) Play Video
4 Slices (4:32) Play Video
5 Crystal Structure Types (4:59) Play Video
6 Miller Indices (4:14) Play Video
II. Elastic Diffraction
7 Fourier Series (4:21) Play Video
8 General Theory of Diffraction (8:08) Play Video
9 Scattering Density (7:21) Play Video
10 Structure Factor (6:50) Play Video
11 Centered Lattices (2:38) Play Video
III. Elastic Scattering
12 Ewald Sphere (3:43) Play Video
13 Powder Diffraction (5:19) Play Video
14 Omega Rocking Curves (4:18) Play Video
15 Psi Scans (2:29) Play Video
IV. Phonon Dispersions and Transport & Thermal Properties
16 Introduction to Phonons (6:12) Play Video
17 Nyquist Frequency and Group Velocity (7:31) Play Video
18 Phonon Quantization (5:12) Play Video
19 Phonon Density of States (8:56) Play Video
20 Planck Distribution and Einstein Heat Capacity (4:35) Play Video
21 Heat Capacity with the Debye Model (4:16) Play Video
22 Thermal Conductivity (4:58) Play Video
23 Phonon-Phonon Scattering (6:20) Play Video
24 Thermal Conductivity & Temperature Dependence (6:36) Play Video
V. Inelastic Scattering
25 Inelastic Scattering Theory (11:31) Play Video
VI. Free Electron Model: Density of States & Heat Capacity
26 Free Electron Model (5:44) Play Video
27 Density of States and Fermi Dirac Distribution (3:31) Play Video
28 Heat Capacity (5:54) Play Video
29 Screening (5:46) Play Video
VII. Weak Potential and Band Structures
30 Bloch Theorem and the Central Equation (10:41) Play Video
31 Vanishing Potential and Brillouin Zones (5:09) Play Video
32 Band Structures of Metals and Insulators (7:02) Play Video
VIII. Intrinsic Semiconductors
33 Thermal & Optical Excitations (12:23) Play Video
34 Effective mass and holes (7:53) Play Video
35 Fermi Level (8:38) Play Video


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