SQL Concepts: The Bad Tutorials

Course Description

A collection of 56 great (not bad, despite the name) tutorials on how to get started with SQL (Structured Query Language), covering basic INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements, and more advanced concepts such as string functions, date & time, ALTER TABLE, and others.

SQL Concepts: The Bad Tutorials
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction to SQL Play Video
2 Installing MySQL Play Video
3 MySQL Workbench and Command Line Client Play Video
4 Things You Need To Know About Tables Play Video
5 Create, Use and Drop Databases Play Video
6 Data-Types in SQL (Part-1) Play Video
7 Data-Types in SQL (Part-2) Play Video
8 Constraints in SQL Play Video
9 Create Table Statement Play Video
10 Creating Tables from Other Tables Play Video
11 Removing Tables from Database Play Video
12 Inserting Data Into Tables Play Video
13 Inserting Data Into a Table From Another Table Play Video
14 The SELECT Query Play Video
15 Arithmetic Operators Play Video
16 Comparison Operators Play Video
17 Logical Operators (Part-1) Play Video
18 Logical Operators (Part-2) Play Video
19 The WHERE Clause Play Video
20 AND & OR Operators Play Video
21 The UPDATE Query Play Video
22 The DELETE Query Play Video
23 The LIKE Operator and Wildcard Characters Play Video
24 The TOP and LIMIT Clauses Play Video
25 The ORDER BY Clause Play Video
26 The GROUP BY Clause Play Video
27 The DISTINCT Keyword Play Video
28 Aliasing Through AS Clause Play Video
29 SQL JOINS Play Video
30 Using GROUP BY Clause with SQL JOINS Play Video
31 Left Outer JOIN Play Video
32 Right Outer JOIN Play Video
33 ABS() Function Play Video
34 ROUND() Function Play Video
35 DIV() & MOD() Functions Play Video
36 Useful Numeric Functions Part-1 Play Video
37 Useful Numeric Functions Part-2 Play Video
38 The CONCAT() Function Play Video
39 UPPER() and LOWER() Functions Play Video
40 The TRIM() Function Play Video
41 SUBSTR(), RIGHT() & LEFT() Functions Play Video
42 The LENGTH() & INSERT() Functions Play Video
43 REPEAT() & REPLACE() Functions Play Video
44 REVERSE() & STRCMP() Functions Play Video
45 Date & Time Functions (Part-1) Play Video
46 Date & Time Functions (Part-2) Play Video
47 Date & Time Functions (Part-3) Play Video
48 Views in SQL (Part-1) Play Video
49 Views in SQL (Part-2) Play Video
50 Views in SQL (Part-3) Play Video
51 Aggregate Functions (Part-1) Play Video
52 Aggregate Functions (Part-2) Play Video
53 The TRUNCATE TABLE Command Play Video
54 Subqueries in SQL Play Video
55 The ALTER TABLE Command Play Video
56 Conclusion Play Video


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