Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

About The Professor

Elizabeth A. Bauer has been a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department of New York University since 2002.

Dr. Bauer’s training is in experimental psychology with a specialization in visual perception. From 1998-2001 she was Research Project Director for the MVA Institute for Vision Research, coordinating and supervising a major US testing site for a Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Products Company. There she led a team in clinical research for a new and innovative spectacle lens product.

Through her research which was centered on visual perception, Dr. Bauer became especially interested in data analytical techniques, having taught statistics previously at Brooklyn College. She has become increasingly interested in math education, especially for students who find the subject difficult and/or aversive. Dr. Bauer has taught statistics to thousands of students on the undergraduate and graduate level, at schools including Brooklyn College, Hunter College and NYU. She is also a member of the Foundations of Scientific Inquiry Steering Committee, which oversees the science and mathematics side of NYU’s required core curriculum, the Morse Academic Plan. As a member of the FSI steering committee, she has been further encouraged to find ways to help develop critical thinking and math skills in students who shy away from those topics. She supervises a team of 6 teaching assistants and mentors both undergraduate and graduate students.

Elizabeth Bauer
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Name: Elizabeth Bauer
Institution: New York University