Supersymmetry and Extra Dimensions

Course Description

This is a complete advanced graduate-level physics course delivered by Fernando Quevedo at Cambridge University on the science and mathematics of supersymmetry (SUSY) and extra dimensions. Unfortunately, lecture 14 has no audio, and lecture 23 only has partial audio. These lectures are accompanied by a full set of notes found under the “Read Textbook” button.

Based on the lecture notes, the title of each lecture was named as close to the notes as possible.

Topics covered in this course include: supersymmetry algebra, Poincaré symmetry, spinors, SUSY representations, massless supermultiplets, massive supermultiplets, extended SUSY, N = 1 SUSY, representation of N > 1 SUSY, superfields, superspace, general scalar superfield, chiral superfields, vector superfields, 4D SUSY Lagrangians, N = 1 global SUSY, action as a superspace integral, SUSY breaking, O’Raifeartaigh model, F term breaking, D term breaking, supergravity, MSSM, MSSM particles and interactions, hierarchy problem, cosmological constant problem, extra dimensions, Kaluza Klein theories, Klein-Gordon equation, Scalar and Vector field in 5D, duality and antisymmetric tensor fields, brane world scenario, large extra dimensions, warped compactifications, and more.

Supersymmetry and Extra Dimensions
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials:

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction to Supersymmetry (SUSY) and Extra Dimensions (53:59) Play Video
I. Review of Supersymmetry Algebra and Representations
2 Review of SUSY Algebra and Representations (51:58) Play Video
3 Poincaré Symmetry and Spinors (48:41) Play Video
4 Supersymmetry Algebra (52:09) Play Video
5 Supersymmetry Representations (37:23) Play Video
6 Massless and Massive Supermultiplets (20:32) Play Video
7 Introduction to Extended Supersymmetry (51:53) Play Video
8 Algebra of Extended Supersymmetry (47:55) Play Video
9 Representations of N > 1 Supersymmetry (50:55) Play Video
II. Superfields and Superspace
10 Basics about Superspace (52:35) Play Video
11 Transformation of the General Scalar Superfield (52:03) Play Video
12 Superfield Properties & Chiral Superfields (38:55) Play Video
13 Properties of Chiral and Vector Superfields (50:27) Play Video
III. Four-dimensional Supersymmetric Lagrangians
14 4D Supersymmetry Lagrangians (No Audio) (38:27) Play Video
15 Remarks on N = 1 Global Supersymmetry (22:19) Play Video
16 Action as a Superspace Integral (51:46) Play Video
17 Non-renormalization Theorems (56:00) Play Video
18 N = 2, 4 Global Supersymmetry (20:29) Play Video
IV. Supersymmetry Breaking & The MSSM
19 Introduction to Supersymmetry Breaking (57:18) Play Video
20 N = 1 Supergravity & The MSSM (56:25) Play Video
21 The Hierarchy Problem (54:59) Play Video
V. SUSY and Extra Dimensions
22 Basics of Kaluza Klein theories: The Mathematics of Extra Dimensions (53:45) Play Video
23 Antisymmetric Tensor Fields (Partial Audio) (50:46) Play Video
24 Gravitation in Kaluza Klein theory (49:08) Play Video
25 The Brane World & SUSY in Higher Dimensions (1:03:41) Play Video


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