The Mechanical Universe... and Beyond

Course Description

“The Mechanical Universe,” is a critically-acclaimed series of 52 thirty-minute videos covering the basic topics of an introductory university physics course.

Each program in the series opens and closes with Caltech Professor David Goodstein providing philosophical, historical and often humorous insight into the subject at hand while lecturing to his freshman physics class. The series contains hundreds of computer animation segments, created by Dr. James F. Blinn, as the primary tool of instruction. Dynamic location footage and historical re-creations are also used to stress the fact that science is a human endeavor.

Copyright Information

Copyright - Annenberg Media. Produced by the California Institute of Technology and Intelecom. 1985.
The Mechanical Universe... and Beyond
The Mechanical Universe... and Beyond
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials:

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction Play Video
2 The Law of Falling Bodies Play Video
3 Derivatives Play Video
4 Inertia Play Video
5 Vectors Play Video
6 Newton's Laws Play Video
7 Integration Play Video
8 The Apple and the Moon Play Video
9 Moving in Circles Play Video
10 Fundamental Forces Play Video
11 Gravity, Electricity, Magnetism Play Video
12 The Millikan Experiment Play Video
13 Conservation of Energy Play Video
14 Potential Energy Play Video
15 Conservation of Momentum Play Video
16 Harmonic Motion Play Video
17 Resonance Play Video
18 Waves Play Video
19 Angular Momentum Play Video
20 Torques and Gyroscopes Play Video
21 Kepler's Three Laws Play Video
22 The Kepler Problem Play Video
23 Energy and Eccentricity Play Video
24 Navigating in Space Play Video
25 Kepler to Einstein Play Video
26 Harmony of the Spheres Play Video
27 Beyond the Mechanical Universe Play Video
28 Static Electricity Play Video
29 The Electric Field Play Video
30 Potential and Capacitance Play Video
31 Voltage, Energy and Force Play Video
32 The Electric Battery Play Video
33 Electric Circuits Play Video
34 Magnetism Play Video
35 The Magnetic Field Play Video
36 Vector Fields and Hydrodynamics Play Video
37 Electromagnetic Induction Play Video
38 Alternating Current Play Video
39 Maxwell's Equations Play Video
40 Optics Play Video
41 The Michelson-Morley Experiment Play Video
42 The Lorentz Transformation Play Video
43 Velocity and Time Play Video
44 Mass, Momentum, Energy Play Video
45 Temperature and Gas Laws Play Video
46 Engine of Nature Play Video
47 Entropy Play Video
48 Low Temperatures Play Video
49 The Atom Play Video
50 Particles and Waves Play Video
51 From Atoms to Quarks Play Video
52 The Quantum Mechanical Universe Play Video
53 Siggraph 1984 - Mechanical Universe Demo Play Video
54 Siggraph 1985 - Mechanical Universe Demo Play Video
55 Siggraph 1986 - Mechanical Universe Demo Play Video
56 Siggraph 1987 - Mechanical Universe Demo Play Video


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