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Norris G. Lang, Ph.D., L.M.S.W.-A.C.P., is an associate professor and chair of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Houston.  His Ph.D. is in cultural anthropology, specializing in medical and psychological anthropology, especially as they pertain to HIV.  Nationally, he has served as Chair of the Society of Lesbian and Gay Anthropologists.  He is the author of many articles dealing with the psycho-social aspects of HIV in the gay male community in Houston, Texas, published in professional, scientific journals.  In addition he was twice the chair as well as a member of the steering committee and an associate editor of the Bulletin for the Anthropology and AIDS Research Group of the Society for Medical Anthropology, and a charter member of the AIDS Task Force of the American Anthropological Association.  He has made numerous presentations at national meetings as well as organized symposia and poster sessions for AIDS and Anthropology.  He is the recipient of the 1995-96 Teaching Excellence Award for the previous College of Social Sciences at UH.  In 1999-2000 he received an Award of Recognition and Appreciation for Service Excellence in the AIDS field from the Anthropology and AIDS Research Group, Society for Medical Anthropology.  This award has only been presented twice in the history of the AIDS and Anthropology Research Group.  Dr. Lang is also an advanced clinical practitioner in social work with an active practice located at 1712 Fairview, Houston, Texas.  In his private practice (psychotherapy), he has devoted himself to clients from the lesbian and gay community, especially those with psychological issues concerning HIV as well as chemical dependency.  His client case load is made up predominantly of HIV+ individuals who are long term survivors.  He has considerable experience in facilitating support groups for those individuals impacted by HIV.  Earlier in the epidemic, he was past president of Body Positive Houston, a community based organization, providing social services to HIV+ persons, including peer counseling groups and a buddy program, both of which he helped to develop.  In the past, he has served as well on the boards of directors of the AIDS Foundation Houston, the PWA Coalition Houston and the advisory board for the Center for AIDS, Houston, Texas.

Norris G. Lang
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Name: Norris G. Lang
Institution: University of Houston