Thermal Physics and Thermodynamics Tutorials

Course Description

In this video tutorial series, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics are introduced. It's pitched at undergraduate level and while it is mainly aimed at physics majors, it should be useful to anybody taking a first course in thermodynamics, such as engineers.

The course covers topics such as the Ideal Gas Law, Entropy, Enthalpy, Gibbs' and Helmholtz' Free Energy, Heat Capacity, Einstein Solids, Taylor and MacLaurin Series / Expansions, phase transformations, thermodynamics identities, the Clausius Clapeyron Relation, Joule Thompson Throttling, Adiabatic Cooling, the paramagnet and of course the all important Laws of Thermodynamics.

Thank you for watching and I hope that this matches your requirements. Please feel free to provide feedback via comments and share with your friends.

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Thermal Physics and Thermodynamics Tutorials
Demonstration of the second law of thermodynamics
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Meaning of Temperature and Heat Play Video
2 First Law of Thermodynamics Play Video
3 Compression Work Play Video
4 Ideal Gas Law Play Video
5 Adiabatic Processes Play Video
6 Heat Capacity Play Video
7 Enthalpy Play Video
8 Einstein Solid 1 Play Video
9 Einstein Solid 2 Play Video
10 Einstein Solid 3 Play Video
11 Stirling's Approximation Derivation Play Video
12 Binomial Theorem Derivation Play Video
13 Taylor MacLaurin Expansion Introduction Play Video
14 Taylor MacLaurin (1+x)^n Play Video
15 Taylor Expansion Cos(x) Play Video
16 Taylor Expansion Exp(x) Play Video
17 Taylor Expansion ln(1+x) Play Video
18 Multiplicity of an Ideal Gas Play Video
19 Gamma Function 1/2 Play Video
20 Gamma Function 2/2 Play Video
21 Einstein Solid 4 Multiplicity Play Video
22 Einstein Solid 5 Sharpness of Multiplicity Play Video
23 Second Law of Thermodynamics Play Video
24 Entropy Play Video
25 Entropy and Temperature Play Video
26 Entropy Vs Energy Graph Play Video
27 Predicting Heat Capacities Play Video
28 Third Law of Thermodynamics Play Video
29 Third Law of Thermodynamics 2/2 Play Video
30 Two State Paramagnet 1/2 Play Video
31 Two State Paramagnet 2/2 Play Video
32 Mechanical Equilibrium and Ideal Gas Law Play Video
33 Thermodynamic Identity 1/2 Play Video
34 Thermodynamic Identities 2/2 Play Video
35 Gibbs Helmholtz Free Energies Play Video
36 Chemical Potential Play Video
37 Gibbs Helmholtz Thermodynamic Identities Play Video
38 Free Energy and Equilibrium Play Video
39 Extensive and Intensive Quantities Play Video
40 Chemical Potential and Gibbs Free Energy Play Video
41 Chemical Potential of an Ideal Gas Play Video
42 Phase Transformation for Pure Substances Play Video
43 Clausius Clapeyron Relation Play Video
44 Van Der Waals 1/2 Play Video
45 Van Der Waals 2/2 Play Video
46 Joule Thompson Throttling / Adiabatic Cooling Play Video
47 Maxwell Construction Play Video


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