Thinking in Angular1

Course Description

This course is an introduction to the Angular 1.x framework. It is a very intuitive introduction to why AngularJS is important and how it can facilitate your single-page web application development, in just 37 concise video tutorials.

Learn to code client side applications in Angular. Get a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts and learn to 'think' in AngularJS.

Thinking in Angular1
Koushik Kothagal will be your instructor
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

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# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction to AngularJS Play Video
2 Course Objectives Play Video
3 Should you learn Angular 1 or 2? Play Video
4 Course Prerequisites Play Video
5 HTML, CSS and JS What you need to know Play Video
6 Why do we need Client Side Frameworks? Play Video
7 The Key To Thinking In Angular Play Video
8 Declarative vs Imperative Programming Play Video
9 How an Angular Application Works Play Video
10 Software Required Play Video
11 Your First Angular Application Play Video
12 Initializing and using variables Play Video
13 Recap Of Three Directives Play Video
14 Introducing Scope Play Video
15 ngBind and Angular Expressions Play Video
16 Introducing the Angular Controller Play Video
17 Creating and Using Angular Modules Play Video
18 Controller Summary Play Video
19 Dependency Injection And Scope Play Video
20 Coding Exercise Play Video
21 Exercise Solution Play Video
22 ngClick and data binding Play Video
23 Two Way Data Binding Play Video
24 More Input Controls with ngModel Play Video
25 Nested Controllers and Scope Hierarchy Play Video
26 Using ControllerAs Syntax Play Video
27 Calculator App Exercise Play Video
28 Watch Me Code The Calculator App Play Video
29 ngShow and ngHide Play Video
30 Looping with ngRepeat Play Video
31 Scopes in ngRepeat Play Video
32 Angular Modules Play Video
33 Using an External Module Play Video
34 Coding Exercise Todo App Play Video
35 Watch Me Code The Todo App 1 Play Video
36 Watch Me Code The Todo App 2 Play Video
37 Next Steps Play Video


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