Three Circles of Happiness, Lecture by Shai Agassi / SAP AG (2007)

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Shai Agassi was a member of the Executive Board of SAP AG until March 31, 2007. He is responsible for the global development efforts for all SAP products and SAP's portfolio of industry-specific solutions.

Before his appointment to the SAP Executive Board, Agassi was CEO of SAP Portals and later of the combined company SAP Markets and SAP Portals, which previously operated as a fully owned subsidiary of SAP AG. The subsidiaries were integrated into SAP in April 2002, at which point Agassi was appointed to the Board.

A software entrepreneur, Agassi founded TopTier Software (originally called Quicksoft Development) in Israel in 1992 and later moved the company's headquarters to California. He served the company in various capacities, including as chairman, chief technology officer, and then CEO. He managed the strategic plan, technical direction, and relationships with companies such as Baan, SAP, and Microsoft. TopTier was a leading enterprise portal vendor when SAP acquired the company in April 2001.

In addition to TopTier Software, Agassi co-founded several other companies with his father, Reuven Agassi, including Quicksoft Ltd., a leading multimedia software localization and distribution company in the Israeli market; TopManage, a developer of small business software that was also acquired by SAP in April 2002 (which became SAP Business One, the small business offering by SAP); and Quicksoft Media, a multimedia production company that ceased operations in 1995.

Agassi graduated with honors from Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, where he received a bachelor's degree in computer science. He is based at SAP Labs United States in Palo Alto, California.

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Shai Agassi presenting at the EMEA Enterprise Services Partner Summit 2006.

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Shai Agassi
Shai Agassi
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