Toning & Building Muscle

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Many people want to lose weight. Yet, despite claims for quick fat burning pills and powders, the best way to lose weight is still through proper diet and exercise. Exercise does more than just maintain physical fitness. Working out improves bone density, muscle strength and joint mobility. Being fit also reduces general health risks, boosts the immune system and helps with depression and insomnia. Whether exercising is to lose weight or improve muscle mass, working out promotes a healthy body and mind. In this free video on muscle exercises, fitness specialist Bob Mathews discusses how to tone and build muscle. Mathews begins by explaining how to tone the calf muscles and pectoral muscles. He discusses other muscle-related topics, such as: how to get toned, define the upper arms, build abdominals, develop lean arms, get a six pack, lose muscle mass and how to get rid of flabby outer thighs. Eating healthy and exercising are key to producing these desired effects. Watch these videos and learn to tone and build muscle today.

Expert: Bob Mathews
Bio: Bob Mathews is the owner of Perfect Body System and has been in Phoenix, Arizona for the last 15 years. He's trained with Barry Goldwater and other devoted clients over the years.
Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels

Toning & Building Muscle
Bob Matthews teaches how to build muscle with free weights on Lesson #12.
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doctrujillo wrote 11 years ago.
Please tell me more about your 10 day detox program.

ray wrote 11 years ago.
thank you.

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