Transportation Engineering II

Course Description

In this course, Prof. Rajat Rastogi gives 40 video lectures on Transportation Engineering. Topics that are covered in this course are:

- Introduction to Transportation Engineering
   - Elements of Transportation Engineering (e.g.: vehicle, driver, way, terminal, and control)
   - Transportation modes
   - Development and transportation
   - Various aspects of transportation engineering (e.g., pavement design, traffic engineering, transport planning, public transportation, etc.)

- Layout, Orientation, and Geometric Design
   - Geometric Design of highways and railways (e.g., horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, etc.)
   - Geometry of hill roads
   - Orientation of runways, and geometry of taxiways
   - Curve layout

- Pavements and Rail Tracks
   - Types of pavements
   - Analysis and design of flexible pavements
   - Pavement drainage
   - Construction and maintenance of flexible pavements
   - Introduction to design of rail tracks

- Traffic Engineering
   - Parameters characterizing traffic flow (e.g. density, speed, flow)
   - Data collection techniques for traffic parameters and delay studies
   - Introduction to traffic flow theory (including description of speed-density, speed-flow, and flow density relations)
   - Introductions to concept of capacity and level of service

- Transportation and the Environment
   - Course Outline for Transportation II

- Overview of Transportation
   - Basic concepts of pavement analysis and design
   - Basic concepts of traffic engineering

- Pavements
   - Cement as a pavement material
   - Analysis and design of rigid pavements
   - Design of runways, taxiways, apron, etc.
   - Construction of rigid pavements
   - Quality control in pavement construction
   - Comparative study of rigid versus flexible pavements
   - Modern materials in pavements

- Traffic Engineering
   - Theory of uninterrupted and interrupted traffic flow
   - Delay analysis
   - Capacity and level-of-service analysis for various facilities
   - Design of traffic facilities (like, expressways, channelization, unsignalized and signalized intersections, airport circulation, parking facilities, etc.)

- Travel demand analysis and transportation planning
   - The planning process
   - Sequential demand analysis
   - Models of trip generation, distribution, traffic assignment, and modal split

- Transportation economics

Transportation Engineering II
Prof. Rajat Rastogi in Lecture 27: Introduction of Air Transport
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction to Railway Engineering Play Video
2 Gauges and Permanent Way Play Video
3 Wheel and Axles, Coning of Wheels Play Video
4 Track Resistances, Hauling Capacity Play Video
5 Track Modulus, Stresses in Track Play Video
6 Stresses in Components of Track Play Video
7 Rails Play Video
8 Creep in Rails Play Video
9 Wears & Failures in Rails Play Video
10 Jointed or Welded Rails Play Video
11 Sleepers Play Video
12 Ballast Play Video
13 Fastenings Play Video
14 Geometric Design: Alignment of Track Play Video
15 Horizontal Curve and Super Elevation Play Video
16 Speeds on Track Play Video
17 Transition Curve & Widening of Track Play Video
18 Vertical Curve & Gradients Play Video
19 Turnouts-Components Play Video
20 Crossing and Design of Turnout Play Video
21 Track Junctions and Designs Play Video
22 Signals (Part I) Play Video
23 Signals (Part II) Play Video
24 Train Control Systems Play Video
25 Interlocking of Track Play Video
26 High Speed Tracks Play Video
27 Introduction of Air Transport Play Video
28 Aircraft Characteristics Play Video
29 Aircraft Controls, Airport Site and Size Selection Play Video
30 Airport Obstructions Play Video
31 Runway Orientation Play Video
32 Runway Length Play Video
33 Runway Geometric Play Video
34 Taxiway Play Video
35 Exit Taxiway Play Video
36 Aprons and Aircraft Parking Play Video
37 Terminal Area and Building Play Video
38 Terminal Planning and Hangers Play Video
39 Visual Aids-Markings Play Video
40 Visual Aids-Lighting and Signage Play Video


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Miro wrote 11 years ago.
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