The Passion and Perseverance Behind a Start-up, Lecture by Joe Liemandt / Trilogy (2005)

About The Professor

Joe Liemandt has guided Trilogy's growth since the company's inception defining products and target markets, and building long-term relationships with customers. In 2000, he conceptualized Trilogy's current strategy of delivering 100% customer success through industry-specific offerings, which unlock transformational business value. Consistent with this strategy, Joe has pioneered innovative customer partnering arrangements, tied directly to delivering success: "If we don't help an automobile manufacturer improve their success rate when they're selling cars, they don't pay...if we and our customers are focused on delivering value for their business, then good things happen for both of us." (Newsweek, June, 2002)

Joe's visionary leadership has differentiated Trilogy from its competitors. His industry-leading approach to customer success has been featured not just in Newsweek, but also Fortune Magazine, Harvard Business Review and on CNN. Joe has also innovated in the area of organization development and culture, recruiting and training a world- lass team through unorthodox approaches highlighted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Businessweek.

Prior to founding Trilogy, Joe attended Stanford University, where he majored in Economics.

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Joe Liemandt
Joe Liemandt
Name: Joe Liemandt
Institution: Stanford University