Trumpet Lessons with the Military Band

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In this course, the 215th Army Band from the Massachussetts Army National Guard gives 10 video lessons on how to play the Trumpet. The 215th Army Band is a part time military band that meets twice a month and two weeks in the summer. The band has traveled around the globe in a public relations mission. The 215th AB also entertains troops around the state and country. They are citizen Soldiers proud to serve the United States two days a month and two weeks a year by performing music.

Trumpet Lessons with the Military Band
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john kc wrote 11 years ago.
this is just what I needed as a beginning player who is only
interested in playing taps. the lessons from a private
teacher never broached any of these subjects.

Lindsey Lloyd, AS, BS, MS wrote 12 years ago.
I was in my high school band 1966, 1st Cavalry Band at Fort
Hood, Texas; 2d Infantry Division Band, Korea and decided to
pick up the trumpet again after I retired in 1995. I still
enjoy it, but lost a lot in the transition. I enjoyed the
videos and learned a lot from watching specific items and
practiciing them in the comfort of my Dallas Metroplex home.
I think the videos are well coordinated and plain to

bob wrote 12 years ago.
We at the 215th Army Band did not produce these videos and
can not take credit for them. The Army Field Band did them.
We just posted them.

Da Viking wrote 13 years ago.
This entire teaching series is marvelous. As one who has
recently returned to the trumpet these lessons greatly
supplement my lessons and practice sessions. Well done

Da Viking wrote 13 years ago.
This video is a great teaching aid and well done. It is
clear, concise and the examples given are easily understood.
A picture is worth a thousand words.

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