U.S. History Since 1877 by OpenBUCS

Course Description

Trace the historical development of our modern national institutions and social and economic structures. Learn how enormous economic and social changes in the late 19th century from industrialization and urbanization led to massive upheaval in American society and laid the foundations for modern America.

This free, online college class will familiarize students with the historical development of the United States from Reconstruction to the present (or thereabout). We will examine social, political, and economic change in the Americas in order to understand better the emergence of the United States as a world power and contemporary issues confronting the United States. The course has three interrelated goals:
to acquaint the student with the main events and themes of the history of the United States from the 1877 to the present
to cultivate analytical thought and develop dialogue among students
to build the skills necessary for clear written communication about the historical development of our modern national institutions and social and economic structures

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U.S. History Since 1877 by OpenBUCS
Mount Rushmore showing US presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials: http://www.etsu.edu/online/openbucs/hist_2020.php

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Welcome to the Course Play Video
2 History 2020 Syllabus Play Video
3 Why Study History Play Video
4 Problems in Peacemaking Play Video
5 Radical Reconstruction Play Video
6 Abandonment of Reconstruction Play Video
7 Reconstruction Fades Away Play Video
8 The Gilded Age Play Video
9 The Old South Play Video
10 The New South Play Video
11 Tenants and Sharecroppers Play Video
12 Southern Industrialization - Part 1 Play Video
13 Southern Industrialization - Part 2 Play Video
14 The New West - Part 1 Play Video
15 The New West - Part 2 Play Video
16 The New West - Part 3 Play Video
17 Habits of Industry - Part 1 Play Video
18 Habits of Industry - Part 2 Play Video
19 Urban Development - Part 1 Play Video
20 Urban Development - Part 2 Play Video
21 The Rise of Organized Labor Play Video
22 The Haymarket Riot Play Video
23 The American Federation of Labor - Part 1 Play Video
24 The American Federation of Labor - Part 2 Play Video
25 The Populist Movement - Part 1 Play Video
26 The Populist Movement - Part 2 Play Video
27 The White City Play Video
28 The Imperialist Process Play Video
29 U.S. Imperialism - Part 1 Play Video
30 U.S. Imperialism - Part 2 Play Video
31 The Spanish-American War - Part 1 Play Video
32 The Spanish-American War - Part 2 Play Video
33 The Spanish-American War - Part 3 Play Video
34 Jim Crow - Part 1 Play Video
35 Jim Crow - Part 2 Play Video
36 Jim Crow - Part 3 Play Video
37 Progressivism Play Video
38 Roosevelt Rising Play Video
39 Teddy Roosevelt and Conservation Play Video
40 The Square Deal Play Video
41 Troubled Succession: Taft Play Video
42 Roosevelt and the "Bull Moose" Party Play Video
43 The Federal Reserve Play Video
44 Americans Abroad - Philippines through WWI Play Video
45 World War I - Abroad/Trench Warfare Play Video
46 America Moves Toward War Play Video
47 Coordinating Total War Play Video
48 Impact of The Great War on Labor Play Video
49 The Great War and Free Speech Play Video
50 Versailles: The Peace Play Video
51 Harding and Coolidge - Part 1 Play Video
52 Harding and Coolidge - Part 2 Play Video
53 The Jazz Age and the Economy - Part 1 Play Video
54 The Jazz Age and the Economy - Part 2 Play Video
55 The Jazz Age and Culture - Part 1 Play Video
56 The Jazz Age and Culture - Part 2 Play Video
57 Conflicts of Culture in the Jazz Age Play Video
58 Depression Play Video
59 Hoover vs. F.D.R. Play Video
60 The New Deal - Part 1 Play Video
61 The New Deal - Part 2 Play Video
62 The New Deal - Part 3 Play Video
63 F.D.R.'s Critics - Part 1 Play Video
64 F.D.R.'s Critics - Part 2 Play Video
65 The Second New Deal Play Video
66 The New Deal in Disarray Play Video
67 Neutrality and War Play Video
68 V Was for Victory Play Video
69 Origins of the Cold War Play Video
70 Potsdam Play Video
71 The Truman Doctrine Play Video
72 The Berlin Airlift Play Video
73 Korean War Play Video
74 Affluent America: Post-War to Mid-50's Play Video
75 Eisenhower Play Video
76 The U.S. Missile Gap Play Video
77 Khruschev and Eisenhower Play Video
78 The Suez Crisis Play Video
79 The Bay of Pigs Play Video
80 The Cuban Missile Crisis Play Video
81 Surviving in an Affluent Society Play Video
82 NAACP Challenges Jim Crow Play Video
83 Brown v. Board of Education Play Video
84 Massive Resistance Play Video
85 Battle for Equality Play Video
86 The Changing Civil Rights Movement Play Video
87 Vietnam Play Video
88 Great Society Play Video
89 Introduction to the Election of 1968 Play Video
90 Year 1968 Play Video
91 The Rise of the New Right Play Video
92 Election Dynamics Play Video
93 Nixon Play Video
94 Introducing the 1970's Play Video
95 Nixon's Foreign Policy - Part 1 Play Video
96 Nixon's Foreign Policy - Part 2 Play Video
97 Stagflation in the Economy Play Video
98 Cultural Tensions of the 1970s - Part 1 Play Video
99 Cultural Tensions of the 1970s - Part 2 Play Video
100 Cultural Tensions of the 1970s - Part 3 Play Video
101 Cultural Tensions of the 1970s - Part 4 Play Video
102 Nixon's Federal Policy Play Video
103 Watergate Play Video
104 Ford and Carter Play Video
105 Trials of Jimmy Carter Play Video
106 Reagan Revolution Play Video
107 The End of the Cold War - Part 1 Play Video
108 The End of the Cold War - Part 2 Play Video
109 The End of the Cold War - Part 3 Play Video
110 The End of the Cold War - Part 4 Play Video
111 The End of the Cold War - Part 5 Play Video
112 The Clinton Years - Part 1 Play Video
113 The Clinton Years - Part 2 Play Video
114 The Clinton Years - Part 3 Play Video
115 The Clinton Years - Part 4 Play Video
116 The 21st Century Play Video


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