Vector Calculus

Course Description

In this course, GMath Calculus Instructor Donny Lee gives 44 video lessons on Vector Calculus.

Vector Calculus
GMath Calculus Instructor Donny Lee in Lecture 19: The Free Particle: Calculating Our Wave Packet (Part II).
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

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# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Line Integral: Proof of Green's Theorem (Part I) Play Video
2 Line Integral: Using Green's Theorem Play Video
3 Line Integral: Proof of Green's Theorem (Part II) Play Video
4 Line Integral: Green's Theorem Play Video
5 Line Integral: Physical Meaning Play Video
6 Line Integral for Piecewise-Smooth Curve Play Video
7 Line Integral Piecewise-Smooth Curve Example Play Video
8 Terms of a Curve: Initial, Terminal Point and Closed Curve Play Video
9 Line Integral: Short Example Play Video
10 Line Integral: Definition Play Video
11 Vector Calculus: Finding Unit Tangent and Normal Explicitly Play Video
12 Vector Integral Calculus: Directional Derivative (Part II) Play Video
13 Finding Directional Derivative Play Video
14 Finding the Tangent Plane Play Video
15 Lines of Force (Part I) Play Video
16 Lines of Force (Part II) Play Video
17 Introduction to Vector Fields (Part I) Play Video
18 Introduction to Vector Fields (Part II) Play Video
19 Fundamental Theorem fo Space Curves (Part I) Play Video
20 Fundamental Theorem fo Space Curves (Part II) Play Video
21 Fundamental Theorem fo Space Curves (Part III) Play Video
22 Theorem on Directional Derivative Play Video
23 Torsion (Part I) Play Video
24 Torsion (Part II) Play Video
25 Gradient Vector Field (Part I) Play Video
26 Gradient Vector Field (Part II) Play Video
27 How to Find Lines of Force (Part I) Play Video
28 How to Find Lines of Force (Part II) Play Video
29 Frenet Serret Equations Play Video
30 Directional Derivative (Part I) Play Video
31 The Circular Helix (Part I) Play Video
32 The Circular Helix (Part II) Play Video
33 Unit Binormal (Part I) Play Video
34 Unit Binormal (Part II) Play Video
35 Multiple Approach (Part I) Play Video
36 Multiple Approach (Part II) Play Video
37 Parametrize the Arc Length Play Video
38 The First Derivative Play Video
39 Functions of One-Variable (Part I) Play Video
40 Introduction Play Video
41 Acceleration Components Play Video
42 Curvature (Part II) Play Video
43 Velocity Acceleration Play Video
44 Curvature (Part I) Play Video


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