Video Demonstrations in Lasers and Optics

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Video Demonstrations in Lasers and Optics
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# Lecture Play Lecture
I. Introduction
1 Overview of Lasers and Optics Play Video
II. Polarization of Light and Polarization Manipulation
2 Linear polarizer Play Video
3 Polarization rotation using polarizers Play Video
4 Quarter-wave plate Play Video
5 Half-wave plate Play Video
6 Optical isolator Play Video
7 Scattered light in a dielectric Play Video
III. Reflection at Dielectric Interfaces
8 Reflection at the air-glass boundary Play Video
9 Reflection at the glass-air boundary Play Video
10 Phase shifts in total internal reflection Play Video
IV. Two-beam Interference
11 Two-beam interference — collimated beams Play Video
12 Two-beam Interference: Diverging Beams Play Video
13 Destructive Interference: Where does the light go? Play Video
14 Fringe Contrast: Vibrations Play Video
15 Fringe Contrast: Intensity Ratio Play Video
16 Fringe Contrast: Polarization Difference Play Video
17 Fringe Contrast: Path Difference Play Video
18 Coherence Length and Source Spectrum Play Video
V. Multiple Beam Interference
19 Plane Mirror Cavity: Collimated Beams Play Video
20 Plane Mirror Cavity: Diverging Beams Play Video
21 Curved Mirror Cavity: Radial Modes Play Video
22 Optical Spectrum Analyzer Play Video
VI. Fraunhofer and Fresnel Diffraction
23 Fraunhofer Diffraction: Adjustable Slit Play Video
24 Fraunhofer Diffraction: Two Slits Play Video
25 Fraunhofer Diffraction: Multiple Slits Play Video
26 Optics: Fraunhofer diffraction - thin wires Play Video
27 Optics: Fraunhofer diffraction - rectangular aperture Play Video
28 Optics: Fraunhofer diffraction - circular apertures Play Video
29 Optics: Fraunhofer diffraction - crossed multiple slits Play Video
30 Optics: Fresnel diffraction - adjustable slit Play Video
31 Optics: Fresnel diffraction - circular apertures Play Video
32 Optics: Single mode fiber Play Video
33 Optics: Multi-mode fiber Play Video
34 Optics: Polarization in a single mode fiber Play Video
35 Laser fundamentals I: Simple laser Play Video
36 Laser fundamentals I: Light amplifier Play Video
37 Laser fundamentals I: Polarization of laser light Play Video
38 Laser fundamentals I: Spectrum of laser light Play Video
39 Laser fundamentals I: Light inside and light outside laser Play Video
40 Laser fundamentals II: Optics of laser beams Play Video
41 Laser fundamentals II: Laser transverse modes Play Video
42 Laser fundamentals II: Laser linewidth Play Video
43 Laser fundamentals III: Reflection back into laser Play Video
44 Laser fundamentals III: High power argon laser Play Video
45 Laser fundamentals III: Multi-wavelength argon laser Play Video
46 Laser fundamentals III: Single-frequency argon laser Play Video
47 Laser fundamentals III: Tunable dye laser Play Video
48 Laser fundamentals III: Dye laser excitation of sodium Play Video
49 Laser fundamentals III: Dye laser induced fluorescence in iodine Play Video


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