Violin for Beginners

Course Description

In this course, Violin instructor Todd Ehle gives 56 video lessons for beginners learning to play the Violin. Some of the topics covered in this course include: Detache' Bowing, Tone Production Techniques, The Hold and Placement of the instrument, String Crossing, Straight Bowing, Balance Point and Lifting the Bow, Tone Production Techniques, Relaxation and Balance, Playing in Tune, Bouncing Strokes, Ear Training Exercises, Ascending Shifts, Double-Stops, Octaves, Sautille' Bowing, Harmonics and many more.


Violin for Beginners
Violin instructor Todd Ehle. 


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Video Lectures & Study Materials

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Introduction and Purpose (3:55) Play Video
2 Holding the Bow (Part 1) (4:55) Play Video
3 Holding the Bow (Part 2) (4:05) Play Video
4 Holding the Bow (Part 3) (1:05) Play Video
5 The Hold and Finger Placement (Part 1) (3:14) Play Video
6 The Hold and Finger Placement (Part 2) (3:06) Play Video
7 The Hold and Finger Placement (Part 3) (2:30) Play Video
8 Curved Pinky Trick (4:11) Play Video
9 String Crossing (Part 1) (5:38) Play Video
10 Playing in Tune (Prelude to Part 1) (3:12) Play Video
11 String Crossing (Part 2) (2:32) Play Video
12 String Crossing (Part 3) (3:30) Play Video
13 Straight Bowing (Part 1) (4:50) Play Video
14 Straight Bowing (Part 2) (5:04) Play Video
15 Balance Point and Lifting the Bow (3:40) Play Video
16 Detache' Bowing (2:44) Play Video
17 Tone Production Techniques (5:15) Play Video
18 Retakes-Lifts (3:28) Play Video
19 The Rebound (2:37) Play Video
20 Playing in Tune (Part 1) (5:11) Play Video
21 Playing in Tune (Part 2) (4:39) Play Video
22 Relaxation Tips (6:27) Play Video
23 Relaxation and Balance (3:26) Play Video
24 Vibrato (Wrist & Hand) (7:50) Play Video
25 Vibrato (Arm) (6:35) Play Video
26 Wrist (Hand) Vibrato Trick (3:02) Play Video
27 String Crossing (Part 4) (4:32) Play Video
28 Finding 3rd Position (Vivaldi A Minor) (3:30) Play Video
29 Introduction to Bouncing Strokes (5:08) Play Video
30 Martele' Bowing (3:35) Play Video
31 Finding 2nd - 8th Positions (5:13) Play Video
32 Four Types of Ascending Shifts (Part 1) (3:43) Play Video
33 Four Types of Ascending Shifts (Part 2) (2:54) Play Video
34 Descending Shifts (7:52) Play Video
35 Ear Training Exercise (2:37) Play Video
36 Tuning the Violin (Part 1) (4:57) Play Video
37 Tuning the Violin (Part 2) (4:07) Play Video
38 Tuning the Violin (Part 3) (3:12) Play Video
39 Tuning the Violin (Part 4) (2:15) Play Video
40 Tuning the Violin (Part 5) (4:08) Play Video
41 Legato Bowing (4:32) Play Video
42 Intro to Double-Stops (Part 1) (4:26) Play Video
43 Intro to Double-Stops (Part 2) (4:04) Play Video
44 Intro to Double-Stops (Part 3) (2:42) Play Video
45 Colle' Bowing (5:33) Play Video
46 Tuning the Violin (Part 6) (4:34) Play Video
47 Tuning the Violin (Part 7) (2:56) Play Video
48 String Crossing (Part 5) (4:32) Play Video
49 String Crossing (Part 6) (3:08) Play Video
50 Sautille' Bowing (Part 1) (4:37) Play Video
51 Sautille' Bowing (Part 2) (4:44) Play Video
52 Octaves (5:49) Play Video
53 String Crossing (Part 7) (4:52) Play Video
54 Sautille' Bowing (Part 3) (4:01) Play Video
55 Intro to 3rds (5:36) Play Video
56 Natural and Artificial Harmonics (5:06) Play Video


Displaying 2 comments:

Sarah wrote 8 years ago.
I loved the Suzuki reference, being a Suzuki student myself.
This lecture was informative, and cleared up my
misconceptions (just in time for an audition piece, thank

David Chakravarthy wrote 12 years ago.
Dear Todd Ehle,
I find your approach is excellent.And the best I could
find. Because the clips are
1.Objective /Structured
2.Straight to the point.
3.Well filmed and recorded.
4. Accent of speech is easy to comprehend.
5. No holding back facts.
6. Encouraging.

Is the whole lot available for sale? If so some details of
the place to get them.
Thanks for the fantastic sincere effort.
[Chennai: India]

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